What I did with my Labor Day

Started out the morning by picking up my September pictures and going by the store to get the milk and eggs I forgot yesterday. I went online and answered the discussion question for my nutrition class. I still have to reply to at least one more person to make a decent grade on it but I have 2 weeks to do that.

I had this nice Hispanic couple come by and buy my grill. I made $80 and I only paid $130 total 2 years ago so I’m happy about that. They are not from Houston, they drove an hour to come buy it and they got so lost! My Spanish is not very good so I pulled up google translate and used it to tell the husband how to get here. They finally did and they laid it down in their truck and drove back home.

I took my son and went to his godparents to do math. I got a lesson in fractions and how to get rid of them so I can answer problems easier as well as finished the homework and 2 quizzes that are due this week. She’s awesome! I am getting more comfortable with what we are doing so far. I am concerned about new stuff but hopefully it will make better sense.

My son had some friends over this afternoon and they didn’t bother me so I got to watch some Netflix. I’m watching the second season of The Good Place which cracks me up!

I drove my sons friend home and he told me that my son actually did say those things that scared me so bad but “I don’t need to worry because they had a long talk and he is better”. Boy am I glad I told his psychologist! I appreciate his friend for telling me.

I ate carbs again. I stayed under my calories and under 50 net carbs but I did. I ate a croissant and it was stale and I didn’t care. I had cheese on crackers too and it was like heaven in my mouth. AND I’m back on track today. I actually got back on track last night by having a lettuce wrapped burger. That was delicious!

Today will be my longest day ever at school. After my first class, I am going to go do my Anatomy homework and then go to Home Depot for some pots since I didn’t do that yesterday. Then after my 2nd class, I am going to stay at school and join a school association. I should have done something like this years ago. It’s not a sorority. It’s a business group to make contacts, basically a way to network. I’m going to take my business cards to pass out too. I mean, why not drum up more business since I’ll be there anyway?

There’s an orientation at 6pm and an event right after. I probably won’t get home until 10pm tonight! So from 7am to 9pm at school today. I told my mom so she can be here for my son in case he needs anything. Let’s hope that I have fun and make new friends. The girls I talked to about it told me there are people of all ages in the group and I can get my volunteer stuff done through them. Yep! I have to volunteer for my nutrition class too! That’s okay. At least I am doing what I need to do.

I chatted with a fellow blogger last night and I may get to meet her! I can’t wait! She’s coming to Houston to visit family and I told her to contact me while she’s here. We talked a bunch more than it seems, I just don’t want to give up her anonymity by saying more.

So yes, I am really trying to get out more. I adore my son. I will not make a big deal out of all that he’s talking about though and will still go out and do things. It’s not my fault that he never wants to go anywhere. Maybe he will at some point, who knows! I always invite him. He did go to his godparents with me so it’s a start. He punched his punching bag last night again and his friends helped him put the bike in the garage so he rode that too. I think working out will help him get more anger and depression out as well. I know it always helps my mood!

I hope y’all have a great day. I will most likely pass out as soon as I get home tonight so I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow when I have 2 jobs.

14 thoughts on “What I did with my Labor Day

  1. When I read your phrase about fractions and how to get rid of them, the image of eating pizza came to my mind! Hoping your math is less caloric and better for you in the long run!!!

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  2. When my son was a teen we got him a punching bag for his room. One of those rubbery man kind. And it sat in the dark shadows of his room if I ever walked in there and gave me a mild heart attack each time. He’s now a grown man just about to get out of the Navy.

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  3. Most teenagers don’t want to spend a lot of time with mom. That’s normal.
    So, what are you learning in your nutrition class? I am taking one Future Learn and the 2nd week covers the digestive system. It’s quite interesting.

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  4. Yay! So glad you sold the grill and and so nice of your friend to tutor you!

    I’m so glad your son has a friend like that, one that had a nice long talk with him. ♡

    I hope you are/were able to make some friends at the orientation!

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