Long boring day

I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear about school, right? Stressful, boring (I actually yawned in both classes), and found out my first Anatomy test is next Thursday! Holy crap!!! I am SO not ready for this!

I had lunch with my friend at school between classes after I studied in the library for a bit. She and I discussed how people will tell you that you are too big, you’ve lost too much weight, blah, blah, blah. She is heavy but trying to lose weight. She said her doctor said she can’t do keto 🙄 and I told her exactly what I think. “You do what works for you”. Since she is around a size 20, I am going to take her all these dresses that I have that I can’t wear anymore. I never even got to wear my Tardis dress but she loves dressing up to go to conventions so it’s perfect for her! I thought I had gotten rid of everything but I guess I didn’t look in all the closets. These were all hidden in the back of my sons closet.

I have NOT been keto since last Thursday. So as of today, I am getting back on the bandwagon. I am having my homemade keto bread with sugar free raspberry jam and butter. It’s so good! I don’t know what my problem has been these past days. I just know that thankfully I didn’t gain any weight (I checked this morning and I am still at 160). My feet have been tingly and numb too so I have to get back on track. No more! I can now see how the carbs affect the feeling in my legs and I don’t want that.

I walked around school yesterday and got over 10,000 steps. I did not “officially” work out but I did get over 30 minutes of exercise!

I have been so stressed lately that I decided to go ahead and start my plants this morning to get my day started right. I planted 4 different kinds of lettuce, fennel, chives, dill, and cilantro. My mom sat in the patio and talked to me while I did it. I talked to my plants and packed them all in snugly with the organic dirt my mom got and got them all set up before I gave each some water.

Last night, I got all of my school stuff organized. I had to go to the store to get binders and more note paper for all those math problems I am doing.

I also got my coloring book for Anatomy and I think it will help! I looked in it and it has everything we have worked on so far and so much more! That’s one of the ways I will study this weekend.

So I am going to go finish my breakfast and then I am off to take Styled to the dentist. Ms. Forgets called me this morning to cancel for the afternoon which is okay with me because I really need to study.

Y’all have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Long boring day

  1. Best of luck on that anatomy test! You ARE so ready! I wonder why your friend isn’t allowed to do keto? What was her doctor’s reasoning?

    10,000 steps is a lot to walk in one school day, wow! No wonder you didn’t want to fit in any other exercise!

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