I didn’t realize until late last night that my first nutrition test is today. I know what I am doing between classes! And I was wrong about Tuesday, my long day at school is today.

I drove Styled to her dentist. That’s all we did and we were gone for 2 1/2 hours. She must not be taking care of her teeth. We were just there 3 months ago and it took that long for a cleaning?

Ms. Forgets cancelled on me and that’s okay. I studied some math to understand imaginary numbers and I actually “get” most of it. I forgot my pencil so I was doing it in pen and that is NOT a good idea for me! No exercise though. I thought about going to the gym but ran out of time.

I found out that season 5 of The Great British Bake Off is on Netflix so I watched a few episodes of that. I love this show! I was up a bit too late (11:30) because I wanted to see Bread Week!

When I got home from working, I wanted tacos. So I went by the store and bought the ingredients (well, I had the cheese and tortillas).

I came home and cut everything up to make my own version of rotel.

Along with cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper spices, it came out REALLY good! I had a taco yesterday and I have packed one for today. I’m taking a bunch of stuff with me because I do not want to be hungry and therefore get off track because I stayed really good all day yesterday! Exactly 19 net carbs. I’m so happy!

I had to go to Parents night at my sons school last night. I sat with my neighbor in the gym for announcements until we had to go running off to our kids classes. I’m sitting in his first class listening to the teacher tell us how to contact her when one of my cousins walks in.

I was in a bit of shock because I didn’t know she was sending her son to a public school (he’s always been in private schools). Then, in 2 other classes, she’s there too! The school has put the cousins in 3 total classes with each other! I’m sure they didn’t know the boys were cousins. Different last names and the fact that they look NOTHING alike other than the curly hair.

I come home and ask my son if he has met this kid. My son says maybe. I send a picture of my son to my cousin (she and I have never been really close but we have always kept in touch). She sends me one of all 3 of her kids back and I show her picture to my son.

He replies, “I knew it! That kid gets to sit with the girl I like. He better not mess with her!” I reply, “At least it’s family sitting with her. Better than some stranger.” He didn’t reply. That was so funny to me. Hell, the whole night was pretty funny! My cousin was so lost and seemed happy to have a familiar face. Her family is not ones to have kids in public school. She went to private school along with her 5 siblings. She was considered the black sheep of her family because she had piercings and tattoos in high school. She hasn’t seen me since I lost the weight. She didn’t say anything but I bet she noticed!

Before I went to sleep, I text my closest cousin and told him that she was there. He laughed and knows that cousin and her family. I’m sure he was thinking that it’s about time a kid in that family is experiencing public school.

It’s after 5am and I’ve got to get showered, walk Amber, and get my butt to school so y’all have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Oops

    1. I know what you mean but when it comes to my extended family, that doesn’t always happen. I love tacos and could eat them every day but only homemade, I always get disappointed when I go to a Mexican restaurant.

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