Too long

I left the house at 6:15am yesterday. I got to school at 6:45 and started reading. I went to class and my anatomy professor still has a whole another lecture left before the test next Thursday! That’s 7 lectures for one test. Help!!!

I studied nutrition until it was time for Math. My brain was not on Math so I’m not sure if I understood anything he talked about. I really am blessed to have my sons godmother to help me! Then I went to take the nutrition test in what was supposed to be a quiet room. There were kids whispering half the time I was taking the test. I can’t really blame them for my grade but I think it sounds good! It can’t be because I didn’t study much, right??? 😉

I am VERY upset with myself! A C??? Really??? That means I missed 11 questions! Wth!

I can’t say I followed this yesterday although I am trying. I went to my orientation to a group at school and I actually joined them. They had a bowling event after the orientation but I wanted to go home. I had a little slice of the marble cake they handed out which is why my goals aren’t going that great. I don’t know why I can’t just stay on track! Until I ate the cake, I was doing well yesterday. I took plenty of food so it’s not like I was starving. 😕

We are set to do our first community service thing this Saturday.

We will be helping them organize the clothes. I can do that! I have to study as well so that’s all I’m doing for the next week. The club officer told me that was fine so I will go! They do a lot of bake sales so I told them I will help with those for sure.

I am taking Styled to get her hair and nails done today and then coming home to study. I hope you all have a great Friday!!!

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