So I was watching Dr. Berg on YouTube yesterday. He has a ton of great videos about the keto diet. AND I think I know why I am staying around the same weight lately.

He says stress creates cortisol in your body that raises insulin. With insulin, my body is not going to runs off ketones, it will store fat and run off sugar. If this is true, it’s no wonder I am stuck (I mean when I don’t cheat)! I am so stressed out over the school stuff that it’s not even funny! Here is what I am working on this morning and it keep jumbling up and looks so confusing that I flip out.

So imaginary numbers, quadratic formula, and square roots. This is not easy for me. I would much rather study biology! I have to do the math first to get it out of the way so I will be able to concentrate on biology to prepare for my test on Thursday. So I have a plan, I just need the math to make sense! I am on the Khan Academy app watching videos. I just wanted to say hello.

I still have to grocery shop and cook today as well. Crap! It’s going to be another long day!

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  1. I tell you, it looks like the GK portion of Math for teachers: theoretical. I passed the test in my 40’s when I returned for public school certification. It was a beast but I didn’t give up and I think neither will you!

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