Not enough sleep

I was studying until midnight last night. I decided not to go to school at my regular 6:15am so I could get at least 6 hours of sleep. Well, that didn’t happen. At 4:30am, I heard a HUGE boom and was woken up. It sounded like a bomb went off down the street! So I looked out the window and see nothing but rain. It wasn’t thunder though. It was too loud for thunder. Wide awake at this point, I really wanted to know what was going on. I leaned out my window to see lights from a vehicle down the street and voices talking.

Yesterday a transformer blew at the end of my street. My neighbors had no power all day. My friend back there text me asking if I had power at 6pm. I asked my mom since I was at karate with my son and she said yes so I told my neighbor. She told me how long they had been without. There was a truck working so I thought they would get it back pretty quick. Around 8pm, the power company installed a new transformer and turned it on. When they did, it blew again. There was some problem underground that did not let them put in a new transformer and make it work. So the power company called more people and they dug up the concrete.

My guess is this boom was them having installed yet another transformer and it blowing again. If it woke me up at my end of the street, can you imagine how loud it was for the people that live back there??? I’m sure they’re awake too unless they can’t hear anything like my mother. AND that means that all of their food is going bad as well since there’s been no power for 24 hours at this point.

This happened where I used to live and we went without power for 3 days. I lost at least $200 worth of food and had to charge my phone in my car just like after Hurricane Ike back in 2009. I feel for my neighbors. I think I will text my friend and tell her that she is welcome to put food in our fridge. I would say freezer but there’s no space in our freezer.

Anyway, I am awake so I may as well get ready for school. Yesterday was such a frustrating day! The morning was fine. I drove Miss Priss on her errands and she paid me (life 2 hours even though we had only been gone an hour and a half (my favorite part). I came home and started putting together this garden pod. I started really getting rained on so I went inside and ate for the first time of the day at 12:30. I had to pick up Cranky and her caregiver at 1:15. We went where her son had told me for her appointment. Well, it was the wrong place. We drove around, the caregiver took Cranky upstairs to the office when we finally found it while I had to park on the roof of the garage. As soon as I parked, we found out we were in the wrong place and her appointment was in 2 minutes. This appointment was VERY important as it was her shrink so I text Cranky’s son. He then sent me another address. I looked up a phone number to go with it and called. Thank goodness the office was understanding and fit her in at 3:30, an hour and a half after her original appointment time. We drove all the way down there near the medical center, went in, did all the talking and got a new medication for her dementia, and drove back. She wanted Popeyes chicken so I drove by there and I got one too. 7 carbs a thigh? Yes please! I took her home and got home at 4:30. Karate was at 6.

I drove my son to karate since it was raining and his godparents were there with their son. When we drove up, my son tells me, “Once we are in there, do not talk to me.” Huh??? What the hell? That was rude! So I talk to my friend until her son is done in the little kids karate class. He comes running out complaining that he didn’t like it, I tickled him on the back to get him to smile, and they left to go home. I started studying while my son was in class.

I turned on my phone to see a new download. Since I make my son use my Apple account, I knew it had to have been him. It was some game but you pick a gun to shoot with on the first screen. When he was out of class, I made him delete the game and he got all mad about it. I don’t want him playing around like that and definitely don’t need that game going at school. When we got home, he was slamming doors and just being a little prick. I called him in my room and told him that if he can’t change his attitude, I need to start looking into military schools. He text his friends telling them that. God he is just like me when I was young!!! I can’t afford military school, I can’t even afford to get groceries sometimes! He called my bluff so I told him I can’t afford it but I can make his life hell by taking everything away and he can live like other kids. I cried telling him how much he hurts my feelings when I have made so many sacrifices so he can have what he has. He told me that he is not going to change. He also said that he gets mad because other kids piss him off. So my next suggestion is to make new friends. That really pissed him off and he stomped out of my room and has ignored me ever since. I will need a support group to get through these teenage years! And medication!

Then I studied. And you know the rest.

Today, I have school. I am a bit nervous about getting stuck at school with the rain here in Houston. I want to park at the far off parking lot that I paid for and ride the bus but I have no idea if that area floods and if it would be better to just park in the garage and spend another $14. I just don’t know. Tomorrow I should be able to finish my planter and show y’all a picture.

Have a good Tuesday and to my friend that’s flying here today, it’s supposed to rain all day so be careful and expect turbulence as you are coming in!

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