Not too bad!

The rain that the news was saying how streets may flood and be very careful…blah blah blah, yeah right! Oh it sprinkled on me off and on all day but not enough to flood the streets bad enough to have to stay off the roads. I parked at my paid for area, rode the bus, and was able to get home by 5:05pm. I am so happy! That was MUCH faster than 2 weeks ago!

I went to class, I had a pretty good day even though my math professor said my problem must be safari and that I need to have Firefox to take my quizzes on. 🙄 I talked to my new friends in Math, one of whom bought herself a beta fish to keep in her dorm room. Her Dad said she should name it Jaws. I love that idea! We enjoy chatting before class. We are completely different but we have fun! Since they were my 2 first new friends at school, I got each of them a little pad of paper from Tuesday Morning. Honestly? I would have only gotten this one girl the cute pad but the 3 of us sit together and that’s rude so I got one for each.

After math, I just felt calm. It was a nice feeling. I drove home and didn’t even get mad at all the idiots going either 40 or 90 miles per hour through the rain. I was nervous about when I got home if I could keep that calm when my son is here. So I decided to just not go inside right away.

When I got home, I finished building the garden pod. It looks really interesting and HUGE! I text my mom that I needed more soil and she brought 4 more bags so hopefully I will have enough.

My plants are really growing so I’m happy that I will be able to move them tomorrow.

My dinner last night was Real Good Foods three cheese pizza. Their crust is made with chicken. I ended up having too much protein today but I’m okay with that for one day. Especially since I was at school.

I went to bed at 10:30pm since I was so tired. Today my son has an orthodontist appointment and I am going to study. I plan on studying for an hour, taking a break, studying for another hour, take a break. That way I can cook, replant my veggies, and clean when I’m at home. I am also going to take my notes to the dentist office so they will tighten his braces and I can study. It’s an hour drive each way as well. Note the fact that I did NOT study last night! I was just too tired to concentrate. Cleaning is easier when you’re that tired.

My friend got to Houston and is seeing her family. I hope to go to dinner with her at some point this week after my test on Thursday! BFF and I are already planning next summer adventures. My son wants to go to Six Flags for his birthday next year so I thought why not have BFF bring her kids there too and we will just have a day of chatting and hanging out while the boys ride rides? B called me the other day. First time calling me since he pretty much ruined my birthday trip back in June. I didn’t get a chance to call him back until today (maybe you guys can tell him how busy I have been). It went straight to voicemail so I left him a message. He may have his phone off or has blocked me, whatever. At least I called back! 😝

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I am off to take my child to school for 2 hours so I can have a bit of peace and quiet before our drive to Clear Lake and back starting at 10:30. Have a great day!

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