Studying all day

That is literally all I did yesterday. I talked to BFF for an hour and a half in the morning and then started studying nutrition at 10. I have a test this week on 2 chapters. I am going to make an A. I am making sure of it! I went through 2 lectures and paused it over and over to copy the slides and took notes on it which took over 2 hours for each. I printed out crossword puzzles she posts and typed out the questions that go with it. I also went through all of these animation things and took notes on those. Other than walking the dog, eating, and going to pick up my son and his friends at school, I didn’t do anything else. I finally stopped at 8pm just worn out. I am ready to do more today. I still have two more lectures, filling out all the puzzles, answering a bunch of questions on each chapter, and reading the book. I will hopefully be done by Monday.

I also signed up to take my first math test in the testing center. Now that I know what to do in there, maybe it won’t be so frustrating!

photo from losingitmama

I FINALLY lost a bit! Was it sticking to keto all but one day this week? Was it the fact that I went out and had fun with Cali-girl the other day? Maybe it’s the release that the stupid anatomy exam is over? Could it be that I’m eating a few more calories each day? Who knows! I am 159 this morning and super excited! photo from thefoundrycenterforthearts

I am dancing. I am so happy to finally break through my weeks of back and forth between 160 and 159.8! It may only be .8 pounds but considering the only exercise I’ve gotten is walking at school, this is GREAT!!!

I got a call from my sons school right before I picked him up yesterday. It was the counselor of his school. She had gotten an email from one of his teachers that he told he didn’t see the point of everything and was down. So now he has to go meet with her next week. I waited until I dropped his friends off at home to tell him. He said “Whatever”. I honestly don’t know anymore. His psychologist says he’s not depressed, his friends tell me he says shit for attention, and he’s sending depressing song lyrics to the girl he likes. I think I may have an emo child. I’m going to let him go meet with her on Monday and I’ll see what she thinks. photo from jamespatterson (such a great writer!)

You already know what I’m doing today. Yep, more nutrition. My son is going to a sleepover at his friends house so it will be nice and quiet too. I appreciate the silence when he’s at his friends! It’s hard to be in school and study and have a family and a job, but I can do this!

Speaking of jobs, Styled didn’t want to go out in the rain yesterday and that was fine with me. I just looked at my calendar though and I don’t have any jobs next week other than Styled on Friday and visiting Cranky one day! That’s not good either. No money coming in but bills need to be paid and we need groceries as well. I’m honestly not sure I could do a regular job while in school though. I need more study time than other people (obviously). What would you guys do?

Have a great Saturday. I’m going to wake up a little more and walk my precious doggy before I start on more work.

14 thoughts on “Studying all day

  1. Good luck with your studies. I always found that teaching a subject is the best way to memorize a topic. If you have anyone you can practice or just pretend an audience is in the room, you may find yourself remembering more and more when you take the next exam.

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    1. To keep my financial aid, I had to have these. I am going to see if I can just take 2 next semester and keep my aid. This is really difficult but I am going to get through it. We are strong!


  2. You are studying so hard! Keep it up & you will definitely get an A next time. 🙂 I don’t think I could go to school & I don’t even have a family so you’re doing so great!

    Congrats on the weight loss, yay! 159 is amazing!!!

    I think your son is just being dramatic because the girl he likes maybe doesn’t like him back or likes someone else. I was that way about boys at his age too lol.

    Do you still drive for Lyft? Maybe you could do that a couple days next week? Or your mom could buy groceries this time?

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    1. I just got this and it’s from 9 days ago! You are so sweet! I wish I had time to drive for Lyft or shop for Instacart. If I’m not helping my mom or son, going to school, driving clients, studying, or getting exercise, I’m asleep!

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      1. GOSH! I can’t believe that my comments have been going into spam for so long! 9 days & I’ve only just noticed a couple days ago. Thanks for finding them & also trying to talk to them about the issue. ❤

        You are so busy! It's totally understandable that you don't have time for much else besides your obligations!

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