Geez I hate spending money!

$128 at the gas station for an oil change, gas, and my yearly inspection. Had to be done and I am lucky they are open on Sunday. The mechanic there did all that in under 30 minutes too. He made sure all the lights were off on my dashboard (oil change and low tire lights were on). Now to go get my registration tomorrow. Woo hoo, more money! πŸ™„

$122 at Target (totally worth it). Got more snack bars,

and guess what??? I tried on some jeans and I couldn’t believe this but I am wearing a size 8!!!!

I didn’t buy these particular jeans πŸ‘– because they are a little too short and the ends weren’t hemmed (is that in style or something?). I bought a size 8 skinny jeans though with the top shown and I am wearing it to school on Tuesday! Size 8??? Wow. Just wow! I seriously did NOT think those would fit. I was just trying to see how far I still needed to go to be in single digit jean size. They fit perfectly too. Not too big and not too tight. I can sit and move around in them. I guess if I wanted overly tight jeans I would wear a 6. 😳

I also bought the shirt (I actually look cute in horizontal stripes now too???). I also got a pair of boxers to sleep in that are Griffindor! So cute. I showed my mom and she loved them too. Thankfully she won’t wear shorts, we can’t have her stealing those!

Then I came home and installed my mom’s new Pur filter on the sink and put my clothes and snacks away and then my son said he wanted to go to the grocery store with me. We headed out.

$123 at the grocery store including drinks (water, Bang, Zevia). Plus my son got some hair dye to make his hair blonde. Lord help me. We are going to dye his hair at his godparents house. I hope they don’t mind!

Everything has been put away and I am going to rest a bit before we head over to his godparents house to do math and dye his hair. I warned him that the blue will probably still be there a bit and he said he doesn’t care.

Yesterday was just more studying nutrition and anatomy so I waited to blog today until I actually had something worthwhile to share. πŸ˜‚


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