So bad!

I was really good yesterday until dinner. I really shouldn’t go to my friends house at dinner time!

I ended up with 53 carbs total. Eek! That’s 30 too many! I’ll feel it today in my feet I’m sure. They just make the best tasting food and have chips in their house. Okay, the ice cream didn’t help either when I got home (I could have saved myself 12 right there). But it was SO good! I haven’t had Fritos since probably March!

Just had to tell you that I royally mess up too! It happens. I just move on. Life is much easier when you give in every once in a while. Back on track today too!

I have an unexpected day off. No jobs today. So I have a list of stuff to get done:

Go to Kroger for registration sticker

Laundry – clothes sheets and towels


Study nutrition

Study math

Look for biology extra credit

Reorganize school stuff and find a place for it

Give Amber meds

No guarantees that it will ALL get done but I am going to try!

I hope you guys have a great Monday!!!

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