Everything done

Well, except studying for Math. That exam is not for 2 weeks though so it’s okay. Oh, and I didn’t wash the towels but we still have some and I did get my clothes and sheets laundered!

I made keto cornbread from Dr. Berg’s website and made the other half of the brisket I had in the freezer. That was dinner and I am so happy!

I forgot to show y’all my sons hair after I colored it. He decided he likes this color and doesn’t want to make it more blonde than this.



I got some exercise in yesterday too! I did 45 minutes of strength training (arms).

Amber really likes to sleep on clean sheets. I’m surprised she even let me make the bed!

And here’s Eliza on the window in my moms room.

And finally, here’s a few motivation quotes I found on Twinbody, Bauer Women’s Society, and Instagram.

I’m off to school! Nutrition test is tomorrow. Eek!!!

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