Man yesterday was screwed up!

I started off being out the door early for school. I went to biology class and made a couple of new young friends. Sweet girls, we’ve been talking before class each day and now I officially have a couple more followers on Instagram. Lol

In the middle of class, I start getting texts from Cranky’s caregiver. Cranky has been waking up dizzy each morning for a few days. After class, I left school and headed to her place. Not sure if you remember but I live 12.5 miles from school. Cranky’s is almost as far from the school. And with traffic, it’s about 30-45 minutes during the day to get that far.

She seemed okay to me. I stayed there, chatted with them both, and did my after school work for biology. Then I had to drive back to school to go to Math. I couldn’t miss it again! I told the caregiver to take her blood pressure in the middle of the night for a few days and we will see if she needs to go to the doctor or just get her some electrolytes. Not really sure what’s causing it but at her age, who knows.

Before I leave her place, I get a call from my sons school. The dean was on the phone. Well, seems like my child got into an altercation at the park after school yesterday and has been suspended for 2 days. What?!? My son told me that he and his friends were horsing around and he got hit in the nose. What my child failed to mention was that he had told some kid he wanted to fight and then met in the park to do just that. Somebody videoed it and sent it to the dean. My son didn’t even get a chance to punch this kid but he got punched. I had my sons friend send me the video because the dean wouldn’t. Both kids got suspended and I now have a meeting with the dean this afternoon. If you can think of anything I should ask him, please let me know! I want to know how this affects his permanent record (I have no idea how suspension works), if he will still be able to get in to a good high school, and why is he suspended when he didn’t really fight, he just got hit.

My son is going to work today with his godfather and then going to school with me tomorrow. I took him to dinner yesterday so we could talk without me getting overly upset and so I could have a beer (actually had 3). He cried and said I didn’t understand him. Well I can’t understand why anyone would fight. That was very frustrating. I called his psychologist and left a voicemail. Never got a call back, maybe he will today. I have grounded my son from everything, he doesn’t even have his manga collection in his room anymore. Took the tv power cord even!

I did go back to school. Math was good. The professor said since there’s a football game going on Thursday that he will do class online. That’s great! I can leave school after biology. My sons teachers gave him assignments to do while at school with me. His science teacher said to take notes in my class and show him what he learned, his English teacher wants him to write a paper about my university’s history, his math teacher wants him to do math quizzes online and take notes in my class, and his history teacher sent me a website for him to do work at my school too. I think I will take him to class, then go to the library, then eat, then head home to listen to the math class. But that’s tomorrow.

My son was in bed by 10 and I just woke him up to get ready to go to work. Now he’s complaining that he won’t have time to do assignments because he’s having to do this. I told him it is an assignment. After he works today, he needs to write a one page paper on what he learned in the experience working and why he needs to stay good in school, not let other kids get under his skin, and not get into any more trouble.

Let’s all pray this child stops his nonsense and gets back on track. What happened to my sweet baby boy that came to me about everything?

14 thoughts on “Why???

  1. Stay lovingly tough. Give him jobs around the house to earn back anything he has lost. Make sure he does the jobs right. Work heals a man. Just as soon as humanly possible he ought to find others he can serve as well for pay or just to work off wrongs done.
    I don’t agree that he is the injured party because he got the broken nose. He injured others including you because of his actions.
    Since you are a single mom, allow people to help you. Don’t pass up the opportunity that those teachers and principals can give you in helping raise your son.

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    1. I will do that. And yes, you are right that he did hurt people through his actions. Oh, I am getting help, that’s why he went with his godfather today. And I emailed his teachers for work for him to do while he’s out of school. It take a village to raise a kid!

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  2. Let’s pray he will get back on track… If it was the other kid who did something wrong to him, and your son just defended himself, it won’t affect his future, especially if he’s a talented student

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  3. Your son seems to be acting up lately. I hope he settles down and knows how much anxiety and worry he causes you. Are you able to find out why he is behaving like this? Could it be he is bored? Some geniuses I know of also acted up in school but their parents found out their kids were gifted and bored. By chance is your son gifted?

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    1. He is gifted and is bored. He is also very empathetic and takes great offense to anybody saying anything about kids he considers friends. He gets very upset if I tell him how things will change as he gets older too.

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  4. Ahh. I’ve gotten suspended for fighting before and it did cause a little problem getting into this High School in Bothell, WA but I still got in, they just had a meeting with me on my first day to make sure I had “changed.” Lol. I think it does stay on his school records so every school he goes to will know he was once suspended but it’s really no biggie.

    I hope everything is okay with him! I’m nervous he’s being bullied?!

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