What did I even do yesterday?

I know I studied for nutrition. That’s almost all I did.

My son went with his godfather to work but he didn’t do anything other than sleep because 1. The mosquitoes were too bad outside for them to do lawn work and 2. My son is allergic to latex so he couldn’t wear the gloves they have to bleach clean whatever he needed done. So that was a bust.

I met with the dean at my sons school and there’s no getting out of his punishment. It does go on his permanent school record. The dean said that most high schools don’t look at the junior high disciplinary records (really? I would!).

Last night at karate, this woman walks up to me. I’ve seen her at the school and at the gym but I don’t really know her. I have NO idea what her name is for sure! She squats down by my chair and tells me that she was there on Monday. She witnessed the fight! She told me this kid has been bullying mine since school started (my son does not agree – I asked). She said one punch from the other kid was the whole fight. She seemed very upset about the suspension as well. Actually every parent I know is! So that was weird to have somebody walk up to you and tell you they were there and witnessed it.

I ran a few errands. Vitamin Shoppe has Bang on sale so I bought some as well as a couple of new low carb snacks to try for when I have a craving. They had low carb popcorn and a cookie thing.

They also had just about every sugar free energy drink you could want so I tried a new cola and it is good. It tastes like coke.

I also had to get more ink for my printer (I’m using a lot being in school and that stuff is expensive!). I got my dog some treats as we were almost out. And I dealt with my child. That’s nerve racking enough for one day, right? I was going to take my exam yesterday and saw I still could today so I put it off. It will have to be done today so I’ll let y’all know how I did tomorrow.

I hope he does well with me at school this morning. He told his friends last night that I won’t leave him alone and I am forcing him to come with me. I reminded him that he actually had told me when I started school that he wanted to see it one day. Then he said, “This is my own fault!” 😂

Well, I gotta shower and walk the dog and wake up the beast child to get out of here. Y’all have a great day!

6 thoughts on “What did I even do yesterday?

  1. Most kids won’t admit that they are being bullied until it gets too bad and/or someone else witnesses it. We went through a horrible case of my daughter being bullied. It’s something you really have to stand up and fight because schools are not very caring and a lot of it is really out of their hands too when it comes to bullying. We ended up switching school districts.

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  2. I dont think your son wants to admit that he was being bullied but I do believe the mother when she says he has been.

    I hope you like that popcorn! It’s super yummy and one of my faves. 😄 Best of luck on the exam when you take it later, too! ♡

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