Stressful day

Yesterday was NOT a good day.

I woke up my child to go to school with me and he fell back asleep so we didn’t get out the door until almost 6:30 which drove me nuts. Then he complained the entire time we were there. We left at 11:15 because I couldn’t concentrate on what I had been doing (anatomy homework) with him just staring at me.

We left, picked up Mexican food, and went to his therapist. I talked to him for 30 minutes first because my chest had been hurting for over an hour and I was worried about having a heart attack. He told me that it was a full blown panic attack. I haven’t had one in 4 years! I forgot what they felt like. The therapist is sending me to a friend of his that will be low cost and give me something for those times. I guess its situational since I only have to get a prescription as needed.

When I posted it on Instagram last night, I got a great outpouring of love from everyone which was very appreciative! I also got texts from people I know telling me what I should take for it. I didn’t post on there what happened with my son. His father sees my instagram so I definitely didn’t want to put that on there. He would just call and yell at my child and that does absolutely no good, especially since that man rarely comes to see his child. That just makes my son hate him more. And I didn’t tell my mother because I don’t want to give her that kind of stress. Only you guys, the ones that actually read the post, knows what happened. And that’s what, 3 people? Lol

So I am working this morning with Styled, hair and nails. I took my nutrition exam yesterday after my panic attack subsided some and still got a C. That was very upsetting since I studied like crazy but at least I didn’t fail it like the Anatomy test last week! It’s the only real job I had this week too. Making under $100 a week isn’t helping my stress either. I was accepted to work for Shipt but I’m not sure about grocery shopping for people and then some want you to take it into their house? I’m not comfortable with that.

Next exams are in 2 weeks, math and nutrition on the same day. That will be fun, right? Don’t mind me, I’m just stressed out, anxious, and want to just walk away from my dreams at this point. I don’t understand why I have to be so stressed just to do what I want to do. Why do I need all these extra classes just to learn nutrition? The state exam can’t be this hard!

I had popcorn for dinner last night. It’s what I wanted so I had it. Total of 59 carbs yesterday. Not too bad. I need less since my feet are tingly today so I’m starting my day with eggs and sausage patties made at home. Today will be a better day. I talked to BFF and she’s got a lot going on too. I also talked to my neighbor friend and she suggested going to the gym with her this weekend so I will do that. Maybe a dance class?

Have a good Friday. I’ll chat with y’all later.

16 thoughts on “Stressful day

  1. You do have stress! For sure! I get that feeling in my chest and do breathing exercises as well as what I call “steam breathing”. I wonder if it is where the phrase “blowing off steam” comes from? Anyhow practice taking in a good deep breath and feeling the hot air as you breathe out. Can change the stressors. Only the stress. Hope this helps. Hang in there. It is evident you care about all you are doing!

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  2. I am sorry you suffered a panic attack. I hope you feel better now. There is alot of stress you are facing these couple of months…school…your son’s behaviour, earning $ and worrying…it is the worrying that can literally kill! Please take care and be less stress.🤗🤗💕

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  3. Curl up with a good book or netflix and have a snack. Don’t over do exercise. I have had panic attacks before and had one this past week for several reasons: one was when my husband went to see the Dr. About his cancer and chromatic count (stable) and another was the dentist. I am still working on finding one I can afford!

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  4. Ah, panic attacks are no fun. I’m glad you’re getting something to help it. ♡ I’m so glad your son has his therapist & it’s good you’re not sharing the issues with his father who’d only make it worse.

    Getting a C on your exam isn’t so bad, Jules! ♡ It’s a passing grade & you’ll do better next time, for sure!

    Also, how fun would a dance class be? Let me know how it goes! 😄

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  5. Julie, nothing good comes easy but you will kick college, but and achieve your dream just stay at it like you stay at your weight lost. I am glad your child therapist gave you a referral this to shall pass…

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