Stupid Saturday

Yet another day of dealing with teenage angst.

He told me he wanted to get out of this shithole and it took everything I have not to tell him to go ahead and get out. I holed myself up in my room and watched movies on Netflix. I ate WAY too much as I was upset. That was the first time I overate being upset in years. I will NOT make that a habit! Plus the fact that I am in pain in my feet today which reminds me why I stopped eating like this months ago! At least I am honest with myself and track my mistakes.

Yesterday was weigh day. I am down to 155.6. Woo hoo! Finally lost again. After a month! So I think I can maintain too. I only have 5.6 pounds to go to hit my ultimate goal of 150. Today I am going to a class called BodyPump. It’s with weights and that class is tough. Not only is my neighbor going with me, my sons godmother told me last night she wants to go so now I am in a group of 3 in class. Maybe that will be good for me? I guess I’ll find out how I do surrounded by friends. It should definitely keep me from slacking!

It rained pretty much all day yesterday. Off and on all day long. So being stuck in the house with my son while it poured outside didn’t do much to help me. I didn’t feel like I could get outside. I didn’t feel I had a way out. I do have a question though. All these people that live in their cars, what do they do when it rains? Floods? Not like they can have their windows down and enjoy it.

It is supposed to rain more today. I hope it keeps the temperature down a little. I’m so tired of 90-100 degrees in September!

I found a shirt I like but not going to spend money I don’t have. I’m keeping the picture of it though for when I do have some extra money for clothes. I did use a credit card and got 3 pairs of pants and 3 long sleeve shirts since winter is coming. Kohl’s has a sale so 3 outfits cost $50. Pretty good in my opinion plus I got a $10 Kohl’s cash card with it.

Last but not least, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Oliver in a box. I had to get copy paper for the printer so the box was available before I take it out to the trash Monday morning.

Hope y’all have a good Sunday! I’m sure you can’t wait to hear about how I sore I feel tomorrow morning! 😂

32 thoughts on “Stupid Saturday

  1. That is a good sale! I look forward to being 150 in another year perhaps! I overate yesterday correcting students’ papers. I have to instruct about MLA and APA format next week which caused me to worry and feel overwhelmed as I was lesson planning. Then I found new things to worry about! Enjoy your exercise class.

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    1. You will be, you are doing great! One day off track won’t kill you, I’m a bit bloated but otherwise back on track!
      Yuck on grading papers, that’s why I couldn’t be a teacher. You work too much! Good luck!

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  2. Hormones! I remember being a Teen and wouldn’t go through that again for a Million dollars! I also remember growing up and realizing how fortunate I was to have had the parents I did and to be living in a free country! And, I also remember how hard it was to raise Teens and feeling so inept at it, yet I could go back to how I felt at a similar age and use those memories to try to understand what my child was feeling. Now, I AM so very grateful to have had the opportunity to have created such wonderful strong and loving bonds with my children through out it all. As for advice, if it’s any consolation, “This too shall pass.” 😉
    I continue to hold you and your little family in my HEART, wishing you well and sending the Sweetest of Blessings your way. My Love to you all. 💞

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    1. Take your time. Do things slowly. If you jump into keto, you will get what’s called ketoflu and you definitely don’t want that! I’m here if you need me! And I apologize for the lateness of the reply, the comment had been put in the spam folder!

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      1. Thank you. You know what inspired me was the thought that plenty of people start and fail at diets like I have… but then people (like you) succeed. So I just thought I ought to succeed. I’ll maybe blog about how it goes.

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  3. Oh, my Dear, that is quite evident and admirable to us all! You are an inspiration in so many ways!!!! It’s just that as I monitor your Blog my HEART goes out to you! What you are going through in daily life brings back such a rush of memories of similar experiences and that feeling of overwhelm that none but the parent of a Teen can understand. I just wanted to send a ray of Hope your way, that it will be endured by you both and that none of it will be wasted effort in the end. 🤗💕

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  4. It may not happen till the kid is 30… 35… but one day you will hear “I understand Mom.” “Guess what, I smacked my kid with a hanger. Did you feel that badly afterward?” and so on. “I always thought you were amazing to tile the bathroom… knit… finish college…” So just hang in there. After 4 little monsters, i now have 4 amazing adult children holding good jobs, raising their own kids/grandkids. But once I felt like you did in this post. Cheer up! Try to meet the bratty sullen attitude with something upbeat–it can really make a difference. They are in such a narrow place–can’t work/quit school/be emancipated, can’t see into the future to see how it will be… Just do positive things for yourself and when they are the most unloveable, pour on the love, for that’s when they need it most.

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  5. I’m sorry your son has been giving you such a hard time. 😦 I can’t wait for it to cool down over here, too. We’re still in the hundreds most days. You got such a good deal from Kohl’s! 3 outfits for $50 is a steal! Hope you aren’t too sore! Congrats on the weight loss! ❤

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