Another long day gone

First. This morning I woke up and leaned out my window. Exactly 1 minute after I closed it, it started pouring down rain! I felt the humidity outside but wow! So my car alarm kept going off in the rain so I just turned it off. Nobody come get in my car, ok? There’s nothing in it but it makes me nervous to have it unlocked.

I went to school yesterday. Duh, right? I got my garage parking. It is SO much better than parking 2 miles away and having to wait on a bus to get back and forth! Ahhh, I was able to relax before class and the garage I park in now is not only close to my first class, it’s right by the testing center so if I have to come up to school for a test on a non school day, it’s not that far away!

First class, my professor asked me what my son thought of class last week so I told him he had been required to write a paper on what he learned for a suspension punishment and he laughed and said that was a great idea that he will use with his kids. Found out he’s only 2 years older than me too. Then we talked about bones in class. Oh boy, I have 2 weeks to learn all 206 bones in the body and their function and what they connect to. Lord help me!

I met up with a friend in the library to study after anatomy. We both did our own studying and then looked at some math problems. She also invited me to lunch at her dorm. We walked over and they have it made! Lunch cost .95 too! Mostly their options are fried foods, pizza, sandwiches, etc. Basic college student junk food. They did have a salad bar though so I went there. Salad mix of iceberg, romaine, and spinach with cheese, bacon, walnuts, and egg. I ate and got full. She then had to go to class so I walked back over with her.

I went to the bookstore and got some sunglasses since I have been wearing my contacts for a few days and our sun is VERY bright! So $8 for plastic glasses but they helped and they say Cougars on them (our mascot).

I must have had too much salad because I started to feel bad in class. I made it through class somehow but then ran out when he dismissed us to the bathroom to purge. Oh the problems of having a tiny stomach! Then I spoke with this guy from math class who is from Rhode Island that’s also in my class. He’s pretty cool, an older student that lives on campus, and he doesn’t have a car here, poor guy. I cannot imagine living in Houston without a car!

I came home in a ton of traffic and charged my watch and phone to be able to go to this workout class with my neighbor.

We went to TRX and I am actually glad I did! Really great instructor! Only 12 people in the class so he is able to walk around the room and tell people what they are doing wrong and how to do it correctly. My face kept getting red so he wouldn’t let me do some of the harder things. He said I need to work on form first, then try to keep up. I was sore after class but it was totally worth it! I am going to have to go back. The instructor said he can get me in shape if I keep coming back. Yay! And he’s cute so I had fun! All the squats though!

I decided not to study after that. I watched an hour of Netflix on my computer after trying to get WordPress to help with spam issues (if I don’t respond to you or like your comment, it may have gone to spam!). I was not happy with the conversation I had with them. If I knew code, I would ask them to let me fix the problem. I was in bed at 10 and passed out by 11.

18 total carbs again yesterday again too. I’m so glad I got back on track!

Today I am taking Ms. Forgets to a doctor and studying. That’s my plan. I also have to pick up the boys after school but that’s no big deal. My mom told me last night that she’s off today but will be in and out as well. I was really wanting to eat some cottage cheese when I got home from my workout last night just to find out that my mother ate the ENTIRE thing! Seriously? 🙄 So I ate chicken and cheese slices. I guess I have to go back to the store again.

Have a great Wednesday! I’ll be around!

9 thoughts on “Another long day gone

  1. Love the sunnies & so glad that your parking garage is so close to everything now! Also, I hate when I’m thinking about eating something all day to find out boyfriend ate it all when I finally get home. Worst feeling ever!

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  2. I lived in Houston back in the mid-seventies and did not have a car. But I learned the public transportation system pretty well and went all over the place. When I met the man I ended up marrying, he had a car, but I was too afraid to drive in that traffic!!

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