Good morning!

It’s Thursday, what are y’all up to today?

I have a question. What is the difference in women’s clothes between regular, petite, and junior? Honestly y’all, I’ve always just had to go to the big girl section growing up and I don’t know the difference! I never needed to know.

I am worried as I ordered a juniors hoodie online for $12 (including shipping – I had Kohl’s cash to use) and I am worried that it’s for kids or something. So please, explain all the clothes stuff to me.

I took a picture of my little plants. They are getting so big already! The lettuce is on the left, the left Middle is onions, broccoli, and carrots, and on the right are all of my spices and stuff.

Yesterday I took Ms. Forgets to a neurologist and she was told she has mild dementia and shouldn’t drive or go anywhere alone. I can’t imagine being told that, especially in my 70’s! She said she is not going to quit driving. My opinion? Let her drive until she gets lost and then no more driving. She has a cell phone with both of her kids and me in it so I think for a while, she will be okay. I also told her son to get a second opinion because I don’t think she’s anywhere near that. I’m not a doctor though!

I then went home and watched Insatiable on Netflix. What a crazy show! It keeps you interested though! As you see, I took a day off of studying. I guess I needed it.

Then the gym for workout day 4. I did a Zumba class and I really liked it! I sweat a bit and had fun and learned some new dance moves. I can’t shake my booty as well as some people in the class but I was there and I did my best. Tonight is supposed to be the core class called CXWORKS but I’m really feeling sore so I’m not sure yet. I probably will because my core isn’t sore, it’s my arms and legs that are. The class is at 5:30pm and I won’t get home until at least 5 so we will see if I can get there.

I’m already parked in the garage at school, I am sitting in my car with the windows down because it is only 73 degrees!!! Woo hoo!!! I am so happy for cooler weather, even if it only lasts a couple of days.

I’m wearing one of my new outfits from Kohl’s today. I love it! Okay, the “leggings” are more like regular pants on me (I thought leggings were tight and what you work out in?) and the size large shirt is roomy but they are really comfortable and I am happy. Very happy! I have learned to only buy high rise pants so I can cover the excess skin too. We don’t need that hanging out. So skin is contained and I am happy. That’s what matters! See how my tummy doesn’t look huge? I love high rise pants!

I also downloaded a meditation app to try to help with anxiety. I tried it last night and if you listen to the guy talking, you will relax. I love his accent too!

Y’all have a great day!

15 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. The clothes stuff is confusing to me too. And it almost looks like they don’t make teen boys sizes…they go from kids/junior sizes (which fit the average boy until his body starts changing into teenager) and then suddenly there’s no sizes between that and a small men’s. Small in men’s is too large for my kid, junior or youth isn’t quite right either.

    Also, a L is not a L or an M in M in all the different brands, in my experience with women’s clothing. If someone asks me what size I wear in something I have to ask what brand they mean. Joe Fresh tshirts in M, but Costco tshirts in L … that kind of thing (Or maybe it’s the other way around).

    So what do I know. I know nothing. Basically shopping online for clothes means keep an eye on the return policy so if you have to return it or exchange it, make sure you won’t get screwed. 🙂

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  2. I look forward to the day I can wear a size 10 again! Women’s clothes vary so much in size. Most of us seem to need to try on everything to see if it fits. I ordered a top from China recently and it said “X-Large” but I could barely get one of my arms in it.

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  3. Great question and one I don’t have a solid answer women’s cloths vary so much by designer and store that I simply stick to a few stores and designers to avoid the headache and guessing game.

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  4. I’m very confused about all the women’s clothing names too lol, I think the L in junior should be a good fit for you, though. Also, what a steal!!

    Your plants are so cute! & you are looking so good, happy, & healthy in your new clothes. 😄

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