Happy Friday to you!

Good morning and welcome to Friday! I work all day today. Good for the pocket, bad for studying. I have my math exam this coming Tuesday and my next nutrition exam on Wednesday. Then my next Anatomy exam the following week. I NEED to be studying as much as possible!

I gave my son a challenge for today. I hope he does it. I suggested only saying positive things all day for just one day and then see how he feels. At first he said no way, it’s impossible. When I told him that the word impossible is negative, he said Okay. We shall see how he does. He’s going to a school dance tonight at a friends school and then hopefully will get to sleep over there. I could use a quiet night!

I did not go to the exercise class yesterday. I was so sore and watched a few minutes of the class on YouTube and thought No Way! I did exercise though. I walked at school and did a 20 minute yoga video on YouTube last night. It really helped too. I am definitely not as sore today! Not sure if I will make my exercise class tonight since I have to drive my son across town. If I don’t go, I will do a YouTube video at home, probably Zumba since I really enjoyed the class I went to.

Eating – yeah, about that. I had 53 carbs yesterday. I started off my day eating a breakfast taco from Taco Cabana (chorizo and egg on a corn tortilla). For lunch, I had popcorn (organic low carb popcorn but still. For dinner, I ate 3 flax seed crackers with my regular food of brisket and cheese. Plus I was stressed by the time I got home from school and ate 2 low carb ice cream bars. Oh well. No big deal. My feet are a little tingly but not like they are when I really eat carbs! So back to keto foods this morning. I don’t know what to eat. I’m hungry for vegetables but don’t feel like cooking in the 30 minutes I have until I leave for work. Hmm…

Yesterday I had a classmate friend take a picture of me in class so I could show you the first Kohl’s outfit. This morning I had my mom take a photo of me to show off the 2nd Kohl’s outfit. It is really exciting that I can clothes shop anywhere, even online. I usually hate clothes shopping but maybe that was because I could never fit into anything? Or all the big girls clothes were frumpy? I am having way too much fun looking for deals on clothes that fit now.

What else can I tell y’all? If you want me to share something in particular, let me know. I do have a question for anyone that has lost a bunch of weight. Do you have a hard time shaving now? I just shaved my armpits yesterday and this morning when I went to get in the shower, I noticed I had been missing a lot of hair! All the creases I guess? I just know that shaving is more difficult the thinner I get. Does anyone else have this issue or am I going nuts?

16 thoughts on “Happy Friday to you!

  1. I love the exercise you assigned to your sign ๐Ÿ™‚ far as health snacks I keep my kitchen island stocked with health fruit, the fridge is often stocked with bowl of green beans/snap peas that are delicious with hummus and the pantry we have nuts, assortment of crackers and yes chips and chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚

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