Sunday ”not so” funday

You heard that right! I’m studying today so it’s not that fun!

I woke up, showered, took my son to church, then went with a friend to the gym to do a long yoga class. I didn’t break a sweat even but according to my watch, I burned some calories! Now I’m having lunch and then going to meet my friend for more math.

I took my month end photos today. I actually do fit in my medium shirts now! I also got my friend to take a picture of me with the only big shirt I kept from the old days.

Yesterday was 3 hours of math and 3 hours of nutrition studying. I also went to the gym for a step class. I believe I told y’all that it killed me but I’ve been thinking that might be a good thing and maybe I should go back!

Yep. Studying makes me not fun. But I want to do well! I refuse to be a C student. I want A’s!!! Sooo, I figure the more I study, the better I will become. Right???

Well, I’m off! Have a great day!

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