Seriously though

Yesterday I really did study. I worked on math for HOURS (literally 5) and when I was frustrated and pulling my hair out, I made notes on my biology book on the first chapter that will be on that exam next week. I didn’t go to sleep until midnight because I was studying. I didn’t cook or clean because of studying. I got my workout in as you know if you read yesterday’s post but that and being a bookworm is ALL I did! How boring, right???

Today! Well, I am going to the cardio class I missed last Monday this morning. Then I will study math. Then I will take Ms. Forgets to the bank. Then I will pick up my son at school. Can you guess what will come after?

Did you figure it out???

MATH! 🤣 and nutrition! But seriously, I still need help with math. I think I get the practice questions correct and then hit submit and I get a 60 back as a grade! What the hell??? So my friend is sending me explanations of how I am screwing it up (my words, not hers). Let’s hope that helps this afternoon when I take the practice exam again!!! This morning I am going to read over the notes I made in class and hope they help too.

Alright you guys, have a great Monday! I may get a chance to cook too. We will have to see. I am surviving off cottage cheese, protein bars, bacon, and sausage at the moment. I really need to cook!

Here’s a little motivation for ya! The first one is Dr. Nowazardan and I couldn’t help but post it for my friends that watch Skin Tight and 600 pound life on TLC!

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