Gofundme started!

I really just put myself out there. Oh wow! I hope I don’t get any haters or somebody rude commenting!

If you can, I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks for reading my story!


3 thoughts on “Gofundme started!

  1. I donated! I really think you deserve it.
    It’s not a lot, but I hope it helps!

    What you could look into is setting up a Patreon.
    People could subscribe to you and donate a monthly amount, but in exchange for something.
    So for example, for 5 dollar a month: you could email them some info about KETO.
    For 10 dollar a month, you might have a skype call with them to give some more advice about keto or how you started the gym or something like that

    But I guess it is like a small business so you do need some time to do it!
    You can make an account here: https://www.patreon.com/

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