Oh yeah!!!!

So I took my math exam. 10 multiple choice questions and 4 free response questions. I got the score on the multiple choice and I only missed one! Woo hoo!!! I am really hoping I don’t miss any on those free response ones but we shall see. It would be nice to have an A in ONE of my classes!

Today is the nutrition exam. Since my studying for the last 2 only got me a C, I decided to go in a different direction and watched a ton of YouTube videos on what our exam is over after reading the chapters and listening to the professors lectures. Let’s hope I do better this time. I did have company while I watched the videos too.

I did not exercise yesterday. Cramps and studying will do that to a person! I told my friend that I wasn’t going to the TRX class and when she got to the gym, she sent me the notice that the class had been cancelled too. What a coincidence!

Today I am finally taking Ms. Forgets to the bank (unless she cancels on me like she did Monday). Otherwise I will be studying! I plan on going to Zumba tonight as I really enjoyed it last week after I take my test so I’ll have the class to relieve the stress.

I hurt. My hip on the outside, not inside. I seriously think it’s because of the excess skin pulling down there too. Maybe I need a bodysuit or something? I can’t jump, I can’t run, and when I pull my knees up towards my chest, it hurts too. It’s not part of my arthritis since it’s on the outside and I haven’t hurt myself again, this has been going on for a while. It may be time to start a gofundme for the skin removal. I heard that you need to be a stable weight for a few months before having that done. Maybe I’ll call a surgeon and find out for sure.

I already walked Amber this morning, I’m dressed, just waiting on the kid to tell me we need to leave for school. Have a great Wednesday!!!

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