Loot crate love!!!

I got my loot crate finally!!! I only get 2 more before my subscription is up. It’s very sad! I can’t afford another year of it so I have to let it go. I will miss getting it each month. It’s new t-shirts and toys all the time! I wonder if they take PayPal credit yet? 🀣

Let’s open it up!!!

Hmm, I see a shirt and an alien figurine. Let’s look closer at these fun things!

Alien figurine. Is there a new movie out or coming out? This is funny. An alien walking its alien pet. At a fire hydrant no less. I guess they have hydrants on all planets. πŸ˜‚

How cool is this??? I love Spider-Man. This is his arch nemesis I think. Really cool! My son literally snatched it right after I took the picture!

Okay, what would I do with a camo bandanna? Well, my son took off with it and wanted it tied around his neck. πŸ™„ Why???

Mulder! Scully! It’s a notebook from the X-files! Pretty cool! I love to write and my Harley Quinn notebook that I got last time was used to write my story for y’all and gofundme so I need more paper! Always need more paper actually. I love it and I’m keeping it.

The monthly pin. Looks like it’s from Alien as well. That goes straight in the pin jar! There must be a new movie or something!

This months theme was a mixup it seems. I only got to keep the monthly pin and notebook that came in the box. My son grabbed up everything else! That’s okay. I get it for both of us so I can’t complain! Did I tell y’all that LootCrate on Instagram used one of my photos??? That was so cool! Maybe I can get more pictures of my son with the stuff and get posted again.

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