Once again, I completely failed the anatomy exam. I guess it’s easy the professor asks questions like “what is the best answer” and “which one doesn’t fit”. I’m not the only one. Another girl in my class took it with me and did as bad as I did!

So upset that I went and bought cupcakes. I only ate one and it was 200 calories although it probably had enough sugar to put me in hyperdrive the rest of the day! Maybe I’ll even feel up to going to the gym. I haven’t in a few days. So frustrated with everything at school makes me want to curl up at home. I am curling up but I’m studying while I do it. Maybe if I make my life ALL about school, I can pass these classes!

Anyway, I took a video of Oliver playing fetch yesterday while I waited for my printer to print.

I bet you thought it would be the dog! Lol

Saturday was WAY too long! We were at the karate tournament from 9:30-6pm. My son lost but that’s okay. It was his first tournament.

My moms gift just got here today. I hope she likes it!

I’m sitting in the carpool lane at the school and have almost 30 minutes to just sit here. I had my chocolate milk and the cupcake and now typing.

The rest of the cupcakes will go to the boys that I take home. I am limiting myself to the one. I don’t want to gain!

Y’all have a good day. When I get back home, I have nutrition to study.

14 thoughts on “Bombed

  1. You can do this. Consider, you’re building new pathways in your mind and it takes time to do that just as it took time and effort to build new habits around eating and exercise. Be kind to yourself and understand that this is all part of the path. This is the hard part of any journey and you can get through this. Also at our age, it is a good bet that it’s correct to say you’ve made it through much more difficult situations. This one will be the same. Hang in there, Julie.

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  2. Slippery slope: those cupcakes. Thank you for acknowledging the prof is not to blame. You would be surprised at the blame game that goes on. I like that you accept the responsibility and then move on. You can do it. I just met a student today in her mid 40’s going back to school and changing direction from being a tax accountant to a social worker. She was so positive and I felt so tired after the day. Listen to those who encourage you and know you can succeed!

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    1. I am always tired after school days! I donโ€™t blame him, I do hate the ways he asks questions though! This is much harder than I thought it would be but I do have to keep going, I canโ€™t just stay here the rest of my life!

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      1. OH, I am tired! he he. I have felt like that before also in grad school while working full time and taking 2-3 classes. It was hard. The good thing is both my husband and I finished grad school working full time together in our 40s. You will get through.

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  3. Ahh! I’m sorry you failed your anatomy test. I know you can ace that next one! You totally deserved that cupcake! & that’s so cute that Oliver plays catch, haha one of my cats does the same with her little bell toy!! ๐Ÿ˜„

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