Lazy Saturday morning

It is very nice to just wake up early and not do anything for 2 hours! I was up at 6am and have not gotten out of bed except for the bathroom and to get food. Ahhhh

Yesterday was pretty good. I didn’t blog because I was passed out by 9:30pm! I took Styled to get her hair washed and styled and that was it other than her normal grocery shopping. All of the people at the hair salon want me to get them some treats from the bakery when I go back next week too. How funny! And this one girl knew what place I was talking about before I even finished my sentence. So I will do that for them. Everyone there is nice.

I picked up my son at school (half day) and brought him home. Then I studied math and even got an 80 on a quiz without my tutor helping me. I’m proud of that B! My exam is on Tuesday so that’s all I’m doing this weekend. Study, study, study! I have an A- in the class right now so I want to keep it and make it an A to offset the C’s in my other 2 classes.

I never heard back from the guy so I was right that he just wanted a booty call. Oh well. That’s his problem.

I made my schedule for the spring semester at school. Over the holidays, I am going to take the precalculus class to get it over with. That’s one month of doing nothing but math but that will be the last math I have to do so I am going for it! I am then taking the 2nd half of Anatomy and another nutrition class in the spring along with the anatomy lab. I will be at school from 8:30-11:30 on Monday, and 8:30-10 on Tuesday and Thursday. That leaves me plenty of time to work, study, exercise, cook, etc. I think this will work out much better than trying to stay at school all day twice a week. Your thoughts?

I found out last night that it’s about time for me to end my HealthyWage challenge. I have been paying $15 a month since February and am getting back $388 for hitting (and passing) my goal. So I made more than 100% back. I can’t complain about that! Now how long it will take the money to get to me? I have no clue! I hope soon, that will help get my son something for Christmas.

I hope y’all are having a good weekend. I’ll chat with y’all later!

8 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday morning

  1. Yay! Good job on the B! Who cares about the guy who just wanted a booty call, better men will come your way! ♡

    Your new school schedule sounds great. You will have so much more time to yourself!

    I’ve never heard of that app! That’s cool it was paying you to lose weight?!

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