Saturday has been ….

Started out good. Laid around until 10 and then went to mine and my sons haircut appointment.

Then took him shopping for his Halloween costume. We just went to Walmart.

And here is me in my costume.

And my hair.

Not as light as I would have liked but it’s alright.

I went home and studied nutrition. After about 3 hours of studying, my phone rings. It was Cranky’s son. I answered like “Umm, what’s up?” Well, her caregiver called him because Cranky wasn’t responsive although awake and looking at her. So she called him to see if his voice would bring her out. It didn’t. So she called 911 and had her taken to the hospital. We have been here since 8:24pm. It’s now 1:08. I am SO tired! They are admitting her for TI testing. They told me what it meant but I can’t spell it. And it’s not TIA either so I don’t know. As soon as we are out of the ER, I will take her caregiver back to Cranky’s place so she can get her car and come back. I have to be back at 7am so I don’t miss the doctor.

That’s it. I know a few people wanted to see the photos so I wanted to make sure I posted!

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