Anatomy class

I studied my happy little butt off for about 24 hours over the course of 3 weeks and I made a 56 on the test. What the hell??? Why are the exams so hard? Another girl didn’t study and made a 38. Another girl studied as hard as I did and got a 54.

So I dropped the class. I like the professor. I enjoy his class. I will most likely still go to class the rest of the semester since I paid for it and I have nothing else do to on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Exam scores:

1st test: 46

2nd test: 48

3rd test: 56

There’s no way I would have made a C in that class. I talked to my friend/tutor about it and she even agreed. She also suggested I retake it at community college. They have smaller classes, it’s cheaper, and it’s probably easier. So I’m looking into that.

My son is going to a school dance after school today. I’m glad he’s going. He may not want to dance but he needs to go.

On my way to pick up my client this morning so I have to go but y’all have a great Friday!

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