Why do you follow a blog?

Are you interested in making friends? Meeting these people in real life?

I’ll tell you. I have made a number of friends on here but have only met one person so far. Once I graduate, I plan on traveling around the world and meeting more people. I want to go around the states to meet some before that. I was supposed to go to Vegas this year and meet a couple of people but being broke stops that! Lol

I just hit 900 followers and I am wondering how many people actually read the posts or just follow to follow. If I follow you, I most likely read your posts and like and/or comment on them.

What do you do?

27 thoughts on “Followers

  1. I read the posts of those that I follow. It is hard work but I figured that if they took the trouble to read mine and share comments, it makes it all more fun plus I get to know people. I met some really nice friends here, like yourself and others. But I think not all my followers read mine as some do not comment but that they are reading my post and provides good laughs or moans. It is not easy easy every post and likewise, I feel my followers may read some but not all. It is ok.

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    1. It is definitely fun, plus you make friends. I doubt all of my followers actually read, look at how many likes and comments I have. And that’s okay! I’m just curious if all people read or skim or just hit the like button.

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  2. I usually read everyone’s posts sometimes I just don’t respond because of schedule but hopefully I can be more engaged in the future it’s something I need to work on.

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      1. I would say Julie to be honest I I’m not as busy as you I think my problem is I don’t prioritize things in the best manner so I don’t get to a lot of things I want to do so I’ve been working on that a lot lately

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  3. I don’t do the follow for follow thing. I follow people because I am interested in what they write. I might not comment every time, but I read about 70% of the posts on my feed. If someone new follows me, I check to see what they’re writing about to see if it’s something I want to read. I can’t remember how we met online. I think you maybe commented on one of my posts and I found your blog through that. I think the follow for follow thing is pointless – I’d rather have a smaller blog with more engaged followers than massive numbers and nobody liking or commenting.

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  4. Aww! I hope you can make it to Vegas next year or maybe I’ll just have to come to Houston! 🙂

    Congratulations on 900 followers. I think a majority of people follow just follow & like just to like. I’m the same as you though– if I follow a blog, I’m reading & commenting on mostly all of their posts.

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  5. First of all congratulations Julie. Here is my story rather observation about followers. When I had fifty followers I still have had 50 likes and comments. Now, I have 1100 followers and still every day 50 Likes. Are those 50 person same …may be 50% of them – another 50% are new. As far as I am concerned I can read maximum 30 – 50 post depending on how my days are going. I also read books every day which takes my time. The best part I am following and followed by people from all over the world.

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