October Loot crate

So first off – I got an unexpected check from the title company from when I sold my condo last year that covers another year of loot crate so I am going to renew it. They has made me pay extra taxes when I sold the condo and I guess it took them a year to realize they screwed up. So I got a check for $300. Yay!

I got my box in the mail the other day and we were so happy! It’s like getting a present every month! And who doesn’t love presents???

Time to open it up. I was so excited for my son with this box (I saw it had to do with one of my son’s favorite anime and didn’t tell him because I wanted to surprise him).

Oh look! It has a cut out mask in the lid of the box! There was another one on the bottom of the box too but I forgot the picture. It was just the back of the head though so no biggie. And my son said he didn’t want the mask anyway. Oh well!

This is the t-shirt that came. My son saw it, said “is that for me?”, smiled REALLY big, and took off with it. He didn’t even care what else was on the box! Attack on Titan is the show this shirt is from. My son loves his anime!

Under the shirt, there was a figurine. I found what it looks like outside the box too. I’m saving this for a giveaway when I hit 1000 followers (only 8 more people have to follow me for me to do it too!).

OMG I’m in love! Gremlin socks??? How cool is this??? I loved that movie when I was young! I made sure my son didn’t see these because I want them!!! I am going to wear them on a cold day. I can’t wait! It’s in the 70’s here right now so I guess I’ll be waiting a little while!

And how cool is this? American Horror Story is creepy but a great show. It’s a long keychain too! And comes with a key that you can have made for your home too! Is that from the hotel season? I don’t know, it’s really neat though.

And the monthly pin. Who here played with a Ouija board growing up? I did! This went into my cup of pins immediately! Did you see that it’s pointing to a L on the paper behind it? 😂 Love it!

So this was an awesome loot crate. I can’t wait for November’s! I have a few more things now to give away when I hit 1000 followers so that’s great too!

I will chat with y’all later!

10 thoughts on “October Loot crate

  1. Oh yay!! So exciting that you got an unexpected check & now have another year of these fun boxes!

    I think this is one of the best ones yet. The figurine, socks, keychain, & pin are ALL super cool!!!

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