What a Friday!

Yesterday was a good day. It really was! Busy but really good.

Started off taking my son to school and then taking my client to get her hair done, pick up her watch at the jewelers, and go to the grocery store (2 hours total). I came home and decided to head to the community college to see about taking my science classes there. My name was still my first husbands name in their system (I’ve been married twice) and they needed my UH transcripts but wouldn’t take my unofficial one I had with me. I had to order an “official” one from my school and also needed my divorce decree from 2004 to state what my name is now. πŸ™„

I ordered the transcript and then headed to UH to pick it up. Then came home, got the required documents needed, and headed back to the community college. I got everything updated and met with an advisor. She was really nice! She said since I already have a degree, I can take whatever classes I want, I do not need any prerequisites. So she told me the numbers of the classes I need to take and I got out of there. Oh! She also told me she took A&P (Anatomy) online and made an A. Woo hoo! The community college even has the lab online. I am SO excited! Plus it’s only $250 a class? Yes please!

I came home and had an hour and a half to have to go pick up my son at school. He stayed late to go to the school dance. I cooked! I made burgers, Mac and cheese lasagna, and cornbread with broccoli and cheese.

I then drove to pick up my son while his lasagna was still in the oven. He said he danced badly but he did dance so I was happy about that! When we got home, the food finished about 5 minutes later so I got that out, grilled the burgers on my George foreman, and took lasagna up to my child who was SO happy to have it! When I made the burgers, I put a bit more salt than I normally would because my mother always says my food needs salt. She got one and said it still needed salt. Huh??? I took a bite and they were too salty for me to eat. I guess she will have burgers all week. I still need to cook my chicken too, I’m just looking for a recipe I want to try.

When the food was all cooked, I went to my friends house for tutoring. We did my homework and 2 quizzes in 3 hours. I left her house after 9pm. I decided that after all that, I wanted a beer – so I headed to Circle K and got some Stella Artois. When I got home, I had 2 of them and passed out around 1am. I didn’t wake up until 9:30 this morning. I had a headache for a bit but felt really relaxed and good!

Today is a lazy day for once. I have done all my math through this coming Wednesday, I don’t have an exam this week, ahhh! I am SO glad I am not in that stressful anatomy class anymore!

How is your weekend going?

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