Lazy Saturday

Seriously lazy! I didn’t do much at all! I think I took maybe 2000 steps all day. The only time I left my room was to eat and take the boys places (my son had a friend over).

I took them to Marble Slab and we all had a treat. They were happy! When we got home, I used Instacart to order stuff from Costco. The guy forgot my son’s hotdogs. When I emailed the company, they credited me for them. Well that’s no good, I don’t have a membership anymore and my son wants his hotdogs because he is having friends over today and they all want hotdogs for lunch. So I had to email them 3 times total to get them to make me a new order and have them brought to me. Unfortunately, it was after closing time at Costco when they got back with me so those hotdogs will not be here until 11am. We will be at church so I will have to leave a note on my door for them to leave the hotdogs on the porch. 🙄 I am really not happy with Instacart right now! They could have asked me about a time instead of just doing that. I just don’t feel like going through all that again. I’ll just wait next time I need Costco stuff for my friend to be going and tag along with him.

Then the boys wanted white cheddar popcorn so I had to take them to the grocery store but I stayed in the car while they went in. A couple hours after that, I took his friend home and my son didn’t even come with me. It’s okay. I think this friend of his is a good kid. We talked on the drive about his schooling and how he can help himself not let his mind drift in class (I suggested taking notes on what the teacher said and if the teacher came up and asked what he was doing, it would make him look good too). He said he wants to go directly to the NFL when he graduates high school. I suggested having a college back up plan just in case that didn’t go through. He said he wants to go to A&M but can’t afford it so I told him about college scholarships too. It was a long drive y’all, he lives 10 miles away so we talked a lot.

I also helped my mom make a document on her Mac. She doesn’t have Word so I just told her what to do to pull up Pages to write her thing on Christmas tree decorating. When she mucked it up, I restarted her computer and told her, “The first thing any IT person would ask you is Have you tried turning it off and then on again?” She didn’t think that was very nice. I wasn’t trying to be rude, she asked me if she needed to go to the Apple store so I was replying. At least I could fix it (if that hadn’t of worked, I would have told her to go to the Apple store). I even got her document down to one page including spaces which she didn’t know how to do and printed it out for her. So she ended up being happy.

I ate too many calories for the first time in a while because of that cookie ice cream thing. Oh well. I’ll do better today. H lent me a book about Marilyn Manson. I kind of look forward to reading why he does all the crazy stuff he does! I will do that after my nutrition discussion question over vitamins after church today.

So anyway guys, have a good Sunday. I will be holed up in my room while my son has 4 friends over (girls and boys).

Talk later!

10 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday

  1. Looks good. I made a great recipe with chocolate and peanut butter (keto) when we returned from the hospital. After a long day and a long week, it was exactly what we needed. For every 1 i eat, my husband can eat 3 and lose weight. How is life ever fair I wonder? Smile. Enjoy the day.

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  2. That cookie ice cream looks so yummy! & that whole hot dog situation with Instacart sounds horribly annoying.

    That’s so sweet that you talked with his friend the whole ride home & gave him some good advice. ♡

    Let us know how that Marilyn Manson book is! I read Nikki Sixx’s book & I thought it was so interesting. Happy reading!

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