Today sucks

Yes, I am supposed to be at school. Where am I? At home. In bed. Thank you stomach viruses!

My son has been overly tired since the concert Tuesday evening. He went to see Twenty-One Pilots and had a great time. He wants to go again when they come back so I said we will see. He hasn’t been as rude or angry the past couple of days, he just looks tired. Instead of karate, he went to a church function last night. When I picked him up, he came home and fell asleep. While he was at church, I went to speak with his Sensei about him missing Wednesday’s because of church events. His Sensei said him going to church is a good thing and he can come on Thursday’s even though that’s supposed to be for more advanced karate people. Isn’t he the best?

So now my son has activities 3 days a week in the evenings. Maybe if he stays busy, he will not be so angry all the time. His father wants to come visit this weekend. I told him that even though I will never say he can’t see his child, it is up to my son if he wants to see his father. I don’t have anything to do with it anymore. That man comes when he feels like it, not on a schedule. So we haven’t seen him in months. Of course my son doesn’t want to see him. I had to tell my son that he has to tell his father. My child is a teenager and can tell his father what’s what.

As I am in bed and running back and forth to the bathroom, I do not feel like dealing with anything today. Therefore, I asked my friends in math to let me know what our homework is so I can have rest time. They are so sweet and told me to get better. I will!

That’s it for me. I’m going back to sleep. Have a great day!

13 thoughts on “Today sucks

  1. It’s stomach flu sesson or what? Couple of my colleagues had it as well. I really I won’t. I only recently had it!! I’ll spare you the details, but you’re probably experiencing tjem6 right now 😑

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