Feeling better!

I am being lazy though, I haven’t opened a textbook since Tuesday! That will change tonight as I am going to my friends house for tutoring. She will probably be upset with me for not studying. Oh well! I’m just glad I’m not sick today!

Took Styled to get her hair done and the grocery store. It was raining most of the day and now it’s getting cold again. Wednesday it was 83 and today is 55. No wonder everyone gets sick!

Half day at my sons school so I picked him and the neighbor kid up plus another friend that was going to the neighbor kids house. Then I played Merge Dragons on my phone for WAY too long!

Tomorrow should be interesting. My son has therapy at noon. Then his father is coming to visit. This man called his kid yesterday and asked the following, “Now tell me the truth, how do you feel about me?” DON’T EVER ASK A TEENAGER THIS QUESTION!!! Seriously! Because he asked for the truth, my son told him, “I don’t like you.” 😮 So now his father wants to sit down with him and have a “serious chat”. He says he will keep it civil. My son asked me to mediate and his father said no way. 🙄 I plan on sitting outside the room playing fetch with Oliver and run in if I hear any screaming.

Yes my life is a soap opera at times. I had come up with the idea to have his father take him on high school tours. Neither of them liked the idea. I tried!

I guess I should get off my arse and start working on schoolwork. Y’all have a great Friday evening! I can’t wait to tell you about tomorrow! 😂

9 thoughts on “Feeling better!

  1. LMAO you took the words right from me😂 you never ask a youth/young adult how they feel unless your ready for war. Nice plan to sit outside the room just remember you can only run in if you hear verbal abuse or screams.

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