No meeting πŸ˜€

You guys will not believe this! It’s absolutely awesome and crazy at the same time.

We went to therapy today. At the psychologist’s office, this man saved my son. I went in his office first and told him how my ex said he was coming over today and everything I told y’all this morning. He agrees to never ask a teenager that question too!

Come to find out, I don’t have to let my ex come to my house. We can meet him somewhere and only do a short visit. Psychologist suggestion for today – my son said he was hungry and wanted quesadillas anyway. Have my ex meet us at the place my son likes. So while I was in the psychologists office, I text my ex. He didn’t answer for 30 minutes but finally said “Ugh” as his reply.

We get to the Mexican place. My son orders his quesadillas and I get nachos and a beer since I was going to have to deal with my ex.

image from Taco Bell but that is NOT where we go!

My ex text a little while later saying he was leaving from the other side of town right then. We were half done with our lunch by then! I tell him that we are leaving soon and his son is going to a friends house. Now my ex says he is coming next week. I replied that we will work something out. So I sent all of the texts to the psychologist and he is going to write me a letter saying that he can only meet his father outside the house. He called our house my sons “safe place” and that since my son does not like his father, he should not have to have his father in his safe place.

I am happy about this. I don’t like that my ex comes over here and is either sleeping in my child’s room or is roughhousing (wrestling) with my son who doesn’t like it. I also think this is a better option than what my son wants to do which is petition the court to not have to see him at all. I think that would hurt them both in the long run. I can’t wait to see if this works out better.

I started my paper for nutrition as well today. It needs to be 3 pages and I am on page 2 so I sent some follow up questions to the dietician so I can make my paper longer. I made sure they were based on what she already answered so I can just add them in to what I already have. I still have 9 days to turn it in so I’m doing fine. I want to finish it quick because I have the nutrition exam on Thursday and my next math exam on Saturday. Yes, you read that correctly, Saturday. That was the only available time to schedule my test by the time I realized I needed to. Yuck! Oh well, all I have after that is the final exam so I’m getting excited for the end of this semester!

Have a great Saturday night and Sunday! Chat with y’all later!

13 thoughts on “No meeting πŸ˜€

      1. We are sojourners in a journey we call life. If we can help lift each other’s day, then it makes our life more bearable. πŸ€—πŸ€—β€β€πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί

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  1. You never know, your son may still petition in a few years, but I pray this way helps so he won’t want to.
    What is your nutrition paper about? Curious.

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