I hit my goal!

Time for a giveaway y’all!

Like this post and I will enter you in to my giveaway.

If you are on the keto diet, I will include a keto loaf of bread made by me! If you are not, no worries! I will be sending 3 items. Just make sure you tell me if you are interested in the keto bread when you win.

I will make a video of the drawing I do and post it on here. I am giving people one week to enter the giveaway contest.

In other news, I just went downstairs to make some keto bread for BFF and guess what? This family I swear! The sink is FULL of dishes, including the ones I need to use to cook! Since I have been eating up what I cooked last weekend, I know it wasn’t me that left all these there (with the exception of the casserole dish from one of my cooked meals). So I just rinsed all of them off and started the dishwasher. This means I cannot start to cooking for the next 2 hours (that is seriously how long this dishwasher takes)! So now I decided to post and guess I will actually get dressed too.

What are you up to today???

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