I’m doing it!

I took my nutrition exam today and got an 82! Woo hoo! A B on this class exam made me really happy. I literally had 58 seconds left when I hit submit. Like usual, there were questions that were not covered. I still made a B!

I have my math exam on Saturday and from tomorrow until Saturday I will be doing nothing but math! Log and ln and division of polynomials. No fun! I will know it though. I have to. I’m meeting my friend/tutor Friday evening before the exam so I know everything will be okay.

I worked this morning taking Miss Priss to run errands. We actually had a good morning. Only 2 hours but we got a lot done. She told me that her friends think she does too much for her age. She’s 90. Styled is 71 and doesn’t do nearly as much!

H came over tonight and we studied and she tried boudain for the first time. She loved it! Another person I got to like it. My mom won’t even try it. Lol

You only have until Sunday to like my post in order to be in the drawing! H has said she will video me doing the drawing. I’m getting excited for you guys!


I’m picking up my son at school early tomorrow to take him on a high school tour. At first he didn’t want to go and then changed his mind saying he would love to leave early. Silly teenagers!

I’m watching the Great British Bake Off on Netflix. I wish I could bake HALF of these things! Looks so good!

Anywho, have a great Thursday!

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