Good non-school day

No class today since my professor went out of town. I was glad because they closed my garage parking for a football game too.

This morning was spent running errands for my mom. First issue – I got an email this morning that her 2nd bank account was overdrawn. Considering she doesn’t use that account, I pulled it up to find out that they gave her checks for that account instead of the one she normally uses plus some credit card that she paid off is STILL pulling money out! So I went up to BOA and the nice lady removed the overdraft fee and got her checks for her account at no additional cost. We have to call the credit card company in the morning because my mom did not get home this afternoon until it was too late to call them.

2nd issue was prescriptions. Her doctor sent her pharmacy 3 scripts. She went and picked up 2. She couldn’t understand why the 3rd wasn’t available. Like I had assumed, it had simply not been ready. I was able to pick that up easily.

I decided to go see Cranky since I only had an hour until I needed to pick my son up at school. Her caregiver was doing her hair and asked me to make her a hair appointment so I text her hair person. Got her appointment set for Wednesday for that. She seemed to think her eye doctor appointment tomorrow was too close to Christmas and asked to change it so I said I would.

I took off and picked up my son. We went to a high school for a tour. He liked the school and is not even worried that they have 3 hours of homework every day. We still have 2 schools to check out. Since the tours are only available on Thursdays, I’m just going to have to miss school 2 more times. We have to check out these schools. It’s important to see what he likes and hates. This one was pretty small and only had 400 students per grade. Even my graduating class had over 500 so this is a small school! He’s in the lottery to get in. Praying he makes it! We won’t find out until April of 2019 though.

We came home after and I let Amber out. As we were walking back inside, Eliza got out. She is such an escape artist! It took me about 7 minutes to coax her out of the holly bushes and pick her up to bring her back inside. Crazy cat!

I took the math practice exam again. I need practice! I made a 63 on it. The first time I took it, I got a 56 so I’m doing better. I can still take it 18 more times before the exam on Saturday.

Tomorrow I will take Styled to get her hair dyed and study at the hairdressers house. Then when I get home I will try it again. Let’s see what happens!

15 thoughts on “Good non-school day

  1. Very pretty haircut style. My hair seems to be getting thinner on the keto diet but I do need to get it cut soon. We have school choice in Florida. My high school had 50 graduating students and we knew each other from Kindergarten. It was a very small town! My parents moved from the City of New York to the Catskill Mountains. It has changed a little but overall not that much. I hope your son gets into the school of his choice.

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  2. I think it’s interesting how you write about your day. It’s straightforward, honest and practical. I ways fel I have to be writing something other cyclists can use, or if it’s about me, that I’m making so.e progress or don’t something noteworthy. Often, I’m not, just going about my life. And I’m not drowning in readers. You’ve got over 1000 followers now, congrats! Good job, and something for me to think about.

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