Does anybody have a Ring doorbell?


I asked Santa for one for Christmas. But of course I don’t want the base model if I get it, I want the solar charging one with spotlight! Lol

A year or two ago, my son gave his godparents his tablet that he never used. His godfather text me last night asking for my old AT&T name and password. Hell, I haven’t had AT&T since then, I don’t remember!

Before I went to pick my son up at school today, his godfather just happened to be parked outside in my neighborhood with his boys. They were passing time waiting for his daughter to get done with her after school activities. So, I asked him what happened with the tablet. He ended up having to google how to completely reset the tablet and then redownload everything. Gah! That would suck! At least he got it fixed to where he can use it again.

This morning I got a call from my clients step daughter. My client had another $200 cash stolen from her. Only $20’s, they left the ones and fives. Really??? And her purse was locked in her filing cabinet! So now we are looking at putting a camera across from the cabinet and we are going to catch ourselves a thief! Preying on and stealing from the elderly is the most horrible thing in my mind. Especially when they have cognitive decline. I can’t believe it. I had never been in her place before today. Her step daughter asked me to start popping by and checking on her at different times throughout the week. It is a nice place. She usually meets me downstairs ready to go out so this was different. She was surprised I came over. I had to tell her that her step daughter asked me to. She showed me around and when I left, I spoke with the step daughter and we confirmed that the camera is the best option. Sad, isn’t it?

Sleeping kitties!

I have an exam on Thursday and the final on Saturday for nutrition. I have my final in math in 2 weeks on a Monday. Then I can relax until January. I can’t wait! I need to get out and market myself when school is over so I can work more.

Still eating mac and cheese twice a day. I think I will be eating it forever. I made WAY too much! Never again will I make twice a recipe for us and for a family function. Nobody even tried it??? πŸ™„

I’m off to study. Y’all have a great rest of your Monday or Tuesday (depending on where you are).

10 thoughts on “Ring

  1. I hope you get the door bell you’re hoping for! I didn’t know they made such fancy ones! & I hope your client catches that thief!!

    I can’t believe no one ate the mac & cheese! I would have had some and I don’t even eat dairy usually!!

    Best of luck on your exam and finals!!!

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  2. The ring is excellent. There’s one catch! You must have a totally updated “browser’ on your phone or computer. If you have an old computer or old phone, the ring won’t work for your purposes of security. SO, update everything first, your computer and your phones and then you are good to go. It’s a great security camera and it works wonderfully!

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