Nice chilly day here in South Texas

Woke up to 39 degrees and frost on the car.

I gave H her birthday present a few days early since I don’t have to go to school anymore except to take my final on December 10th. Woo hoo! We were in the library for this.

She really likes her new makeup brushes. And I got them for mega cheap (don’t tell her!).

I started studying for my nutrition exam tomorrow but didn’t get too far. I do not have a choice but to study all day tomorrow and take the exam in the evening. That’s okay. It’s the last one. And the final for that class is on Saturday so I will just keep studying. πŸ˜‚

My diet hasn’t been all that great lately but I haven’t gained anything. I think it’s because I am getting exercise again. Thank goodness for that!

My mother is angry at my son for not speaking when he gets home from school and has decided that she is not participating in Christmas this year. Umm, huh??? He’s a teenager! He’s in therapy for anger! If she doesn’t want to buy him anything, that’s fine. He knows the true meaning of Christmas and it’s not presents. But really? πŸ™„

School was good. I told my math teacher I wouldn’t be there on Thursday because my son is taking an aptitude test for high school. He just said okay. I don’t think he cares. I just wanted to let him know. And my classmates – I said goodbye to all of my newfound friends in math. They all said they were going to bug me over the holidays anyway. That’s fine. I’ll chat!

The only plans I have over the holidays are to go with BFF to see Christmas lights in a cute little town in central Texas. It will be right after her birthday and before Christmas so when that happens, I will post the photos. She told me about a huge maze in Arlington too. When I asked my son about it, he said, “Nope!” Well, I guess he doesn’t like that idea! So I won’t go up there. Oh well.

What are your plans?

Also, don’t forget I am still trying to raise money on gofundme to get excess skin removal surgery. I am meeting with the doctor in January and haven’t raised anywhere near enough!

Chat soon!

8 thoughts on “Nice chilly day here in South Texas

  1. I’m still cleaning after my return to Oregon. Also decorating and cooking. I think my most planning sort of thing is seeing Aquaman when it finally hits the screen….late December!

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  2. So you don’t have to take the math exam? He sounds smart for his health. Sometimes you care too much about things over which you have little control and circumstances or people will take advantage. I think it is to his benefit, you told him and he is off to the races to get grades in on time. Enjoy your holidays.

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  3. Glad your schedule is winding down. You’ve worked so hard these past few months. You deserve a break.

    No big plans here for the holidays. We generally don’t celebrate Christmas – or any holidays really. That said, we traditionally go out to a diner for breakfast on Christmas morning. Usually there are 10-20 people who meet up every year for that. None of us celebrate Christmas so we all get together for our own annual celebration over pancakes, eggs, and conversation. It’s really lovely.

    I’m very seriously considering doing the Polar Bear dip in Lake Ontario again on New Years Day this year. I’ve done it in the past and it is really a great and dramatic way to start the new year. Sure, it’s cold, but I see it as a symbol of how I should approach the new year: Don’t be afraid of discomfort, approach everything with enthusiasm, and in the end everyone ends up having fun – which is generally what happens when you approach life the same way.

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    1. So it’s like a friends-mas, that sounds like fun. πŸ˜€
      Polar bear swimming, did you blog about it before or have I heard it somewhere else? I couldn’t do it, I freeze in 50 degree weather! πŸ˜‚

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      1. Exactly like that. We take the things we like and do them and leave behind the things we don’t. Last time one person brought crafts and we did those at the restaurant. Other times we ended up singing some of the time. It’s really lovely.

        Yes, I actually talked about that a few days ago. It’s probably why it was on the top of my mind πŸ™‚

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