Do not procrastinate!

I woke up late this morning. My friend called and wanted to tell me about her horrible boss and got me up at 7:30. That’s normally the time I am leaving to take my son to school! So I went and woke him up and we were out the door in 11 minutes. He was still there in plenty of time. I am SO glad she called!

I came home and started studying. I studied from 9am to 8pm today. Granted I took a 20 minute lunch break, a 30 minute break to get my son at school, and a 30 minute break to pick him up a Starbucks cake pop after karate and make myself dinner. That’s still ALL day! I opened the exam at 8pm. I took 49 minutes for the exam, carefully thinking and rereading the book and my notes before answering. I got a 78. I feel like if I had studied more days, I would have done better. I still have that final this weekend so after tomorrow, I am studying like crazy. I got an A on my paper too guys!!! Even with the misspelling! So I have a B in that class.

After the exam, I decided to get my last math quizzes and homework done so I can concentrate on that final after this weekend. I will have an entire week to prepare. So I have now finished those and it’s almost 11pm. Whew!

Tomorrow I take my son to the dentist at 9am, a high school tour at 1pm, and then he has a Spanish aptitude test at that same school at 5pm. It’s going to be a long day!!! He wants to go to the Mexican bakery after the dentist so of course I asked H if she wanted to go. She not only wants to go there, she wants to come with us to the dentist! I think she’s ready for this semester to be over too. Since her actual birthday is on Friday, I will get her a flan.

From my last math exam, I finally got the grade for my free response questions. 17 out of 30. Eek!!! I hate how they grade things in that class. So glad it’s almost over! I have an 85 in the class right now. If I do well on the final, I may end up with an A- and I would be proud of that! So happy I am taking the precalculus at the community college!

That’s it for me. I need some sleep for my crazy busy day tomorrow!

Chat later!

5 thoughts on “Do not procrastinate!

  1. When you take your son to the bakery suggest he try placing his order in Spanish. That may get him excited about the aptitude test, and drive home the point how valuable and cool a second language is

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  2. You cook so many things, cake pops are easy peasy and much less spendy than going in. I found a recipe I’m going to adapt for balls—the sticks are a pain in the butt! I’m also going to roll mine in sprinkles instead of coconut. (I cannot STAND coconut!)
    I’d be terrified to speak to someone in their language if I was learning! When I was in college I went to Korea. We stayed with a missionary who told us a story about his learning the language. He’d practice sermons and prayers in front of someone and one day she doubled over laughing. Confused, he stopped and demanded to know why she was now convulsed in giggles. She gasped out, ‘You just asked God to make you a holy and baked potato!’

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    1. Oh how funny!!!
      Yeah, I’ve tried cake pops. They came out like this – some burnt, some raw 😂
      And once I got the cake right, dipping them became the issue! I’ll just leave that up to the companies.
      I can’t stand coconut either so we would get along just fine! 😀

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