Sunday relax day

I am not studying, not cooking, not doing anything. Well, I am watching this show called Sisters on Netflix. It’s weird but I am enjoying it.

After my day yesterday, I needed some time. Plus, my mother is off work today, which means that if I tried to cook or bake she would talk to me the whole time or be in the kitchen with me and I just don’t like that. I prefer to jam my music and go at my pace without interruption. My mother is working tomorrow so after I take Miss Priss to run errands, I am going to come home and make gingerbread men (and women) cookies. It take a couple of hours to do and after that, I will have to pull out our Christmas tree and decorations because my mother hired a coworker to put the lights on the tree where you don’t have to take them off every year.

So tomorrow will be busy. Makes sense that I don’t want to do anything today, right?

Have a great Sunday.

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