I took my final this morning for math and I am now done for the semester!

I didn’t blog yesterday because I studied all day! I did do my arm exercises for 30 minutes and took breaks but yes, I studied all day.

I can now watch Netflix without feeling guilty about doing schoolwork. Whew! C+ in Nutrition and B- in College Algebra. I am a happy camper!

I am watching The OG. I adore Tracy Morgan! I’ll see y’all later!

16 thoughts on “I AM DONE!

  1. Good for you! I turn in my final grades for English tomorrow morning and then I am on break. I walked this morning with weights in the park nearby. It is a chilly 58 degrees here. I did some housework and enjoyed making a keto hamburger keto soup in the crock pot. I have a good book to read, med appts., dentist coming up next week but I feel great!

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  2. Congrats on getting it done I’m certainly very proud of you! Tracy Morgan is hilarious I need to catch up on the show I’ve been a little busy.lol

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