November Loot Crate

Not the last one since I got that extra unexpected check last month. Woo hoo!!!

Lets get to opening this!!!

So obviously there’s 2 boxes and a shirt. Hmm…

Okay, I watched the first season of Westworld. Did I miss aliens in it??? That’s what this shirt looks like to me. I asked my son if he or his friends had ever heard of the show and they hadn’t so I actually get a shirt for myself this month!

Umm, can somebody please fill me in on this? It’s supposed to be from some show that they put this special DNA in little girls that are called Little Sisters but I’ve never heard of it!

This is pretty cool. It’s 4 little pictures of superheroes that were made because of a lab experiment gone wrong. Not sure what to do with these but it’s still cool. Ooh, maybe a frame that will hold all of them? I’ll look into it.

And my absolute FAVORITE thing this month:

OMG! This cup is perfect! I loved Breaking Bad and I actually have an apron from it too so this is so exciting!!! I can’t wait to wash it and use it right away!

The loot pin of the month. This months theme was laboratory. Westworld people are made in a lab, the little sister thing was a lab dna thing, breaking bad…well, his lab was in a RV but it was still his lab!

I really enjoy Loot Crate. I am very happy that I don’t have to give it up this year. I hope you guys enjoy my opening of it!

6 thoughts on “November Loot Crate

  1. Little Sisters are from the game Bioshock, in which young girls are in symbiotic relationships with sea slugs to produce a chemical called ADAM, which rewrites genetic material. The t-shirt shows the new Westworld android blanks before they’re made into hosts. Pretty cool Lootcrate this month. xx

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