Been on a holiday

I took 24 hours and took myself on a trip. I drove 4 hours to Fredericksburg TX and met BFF there to have a kid free day/night and celebrate her birthday and Christmas. I decided to leave home at 7:30am Saturday.

But before I tell you about my trip, Friday evening was family night at the Houston Symphony. They were showing Home Alone on their big screen and playing the music from the movie live.

My son wasn’t happy about having his picture taken but I got a couple anyway.

We had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and I knew I was going to eat whatever I wanted on my trip so I was good and had grilled chicken and broccoli while my son had a burger and fries plus a shake. After dinner, we walked to the Symphony and met my mother. We all had different seats because when my mother bought them, they were almost sold out. What kills me is that the seats next to my mother stayed empty so we could have sat together.

I was in bed by 11 Friday night and wide awake at 5:30am Saturday morning. I needed my trip! Boy am I glad I showered before I went to. We stayed at this tiny motel called Sunset Inn and Suites.

It looks cute, right? We had 2 queen beds in the room. I forgot to snap a photo of our room so I got a stock one off yelp.

We had different blankets but otherwise it’s the same. Tiny bathroom but that’s expected at a motel. What I didn’t expect was the drain to be half out of the tub and brown water almost to the top of the tub drain. Eww!!! We checked for bedbugs and other bugs but none were to be found and it was just one night so we sucked it up, put our stuff down, and went back out to Main St.

It was so cute! FULL of tourists, so crowded, but very quaint town. I walked 11,000 steps going store to store and looking. Once BFF arrived and we went back, we stopped at a ton of stores and I probably spent too much but I am done holiday shopping!

I got my mom:

Fredericksburg sticker and Texas sticker

Texas Christmas ornament

Texas socks

Red Hots (her favorite)

Cinnamon butter

I got my son:

2 t-shirts

Fudge covered Oreo

Cherry butter

Harry Potter chocolate (saving that for when we see Harry Potter in February)

I got Amber:

Bow tie for her collar

New toy

I got myself:

Chiweenie socks

Pecan Praline butter

White chocolate pecan clusters

Clothes and a jacket

Backpack for school since my other one busted

On my way home today, I stopped at Bucee’s (because Bucee’s is the best store in Texas) and got a thing of fudge and a No Sleep Til Bucee’s t-shirt. My son already took the shirt (I don’t think he gets the Beastie Boys reference of “No Sleep Til Brooklyn”) and I didn’t get a photo but oh well.

I have unpacked and Amber is so happy I’m home that she won’t leave me alone. You have no idea how many corrections I’ve had to make because she keeps head butting my hand to pet her. This was an awesome weekend and I hated to come back to reality but I had no choice.

21 thoughts on “Been on a holiday

  1. I love when the symphony does movies to the orchestra it gives you a whole new perspective 😊 after itermission you both should of set in the empty seats as it clearly the ticket holders weren’t coming. We done this plenty of times and the ushers have never yelled or kicked us out.

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  2. The symphony looks amazing! That’s so cool they are always doing different movies! Is that Hard Rock meal a kid’s meal?! I never got served in a guitar before there lol. I love your mom’s big furry jacket but, that’s so annoying the people next to her didn’t even show up! I wish you guys could have sat together. 😦

    I’m glad you got to go on such a cute little mini vacay! The motel doesn’t look so bad but how horrible about the drain/shower! All of the items you bought are so fun! I freaking love fudge covered Oreos!!

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    1. You’re almost caught up, yay!
      Yes, it was a kids meal. I tell places about my stomach surgery and they let me order off the kids menu, it helps sometimes when I have no way to take leftovers with me.
      That coat I swear. It makes her look like she’s rich and she’s definitely not!
      Yes, the shower scared me. I hope my son likes the Oreo too! I may just eat it myself though so I don’t have to have him give me that look like, “eww” 😂

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      1. Ahh! I keep feeling like I’m getting caught up but, everyday more posts go up & I fall behind again. 😦

        That’s so nice of the restaurants to let you order from kid’s menu. The guitar serving dish is so cool haha.

        I love your mom’s coat lol I want one just like it but, maybe in a different color & I’m def not rich either. ;D

        I think there is no way he won’t like Oreo! You should have got yourself one, too!!

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