Stuff to do on a Monday off

I don’t think I’ve done enough yet today.

It’s 1:30pm. I leave at 3:15 to pick up the boys at school (it’s a beautiful day, I wish I could talk them into walking but one of the kids parents doesn’t like their kid walking so I will pick them up).

So far I have done:

Took the teen to school (today is the first day of finals). I sent him with a package of double stuf Oreos to give his friends from me for luck plus I wished them luck on Snapchat. I asked my son why all of his friends follow me on there and he said it’s because all of his friends love me and think I’m the best mom out of all of them. Umm, wow. Thank you.

4 loads of laundry (2 of my moms and 2 of ours). My mom is going to market with her job tomorrow through Thursday and needed to wash her clothes for her trip. She doesn’t want to go up and down the stairs though so guess who gets stuck doing her laundry? 🙄 Plus I had towels from the past 3 weeks to wash and mine and my sons few clothes that made up a load together. Laundry will always be there!

Returned some gift bags that my mother bought (24 of them – why does one person need 24 tiny gift bags???) I got her refund on her card. I’m sure it will be spent again as soon as she gets it. She is going on a work shopping trip.

Went to the gym to renew my discounted membership. I wouldn’t be able to afford my gym otherwise. Plus my son hates karate so we must keep the membership to make him keep going!

Dishes – do dishes ever stop? If it wasn’t so earth unfriendly, I would seriously just start using paper and plastic everything so I wouldn’t have dishes anymore.

Threw away my papers from school – I forgot what a good feeling it is to throw that stuff away! And my room seems cleaner without all those papers everywhere.

Took out the trash (5 bags total from the entire house). My room, my sons room, all 3 bathrooms, kitchen, plus my moms room. We hadn’t taken it out for a week so yeah.

30 minutes of strength training arm exercises – I had to get my exercise in!

Walked the dog twice – once before taking son to school and again after I ate lunch.

Ate (breakfast and lunch) – not very healthy as I was getting rid of snack foods from my trip but very tasty!

Now I am going to attempt to make some bread that I promised a couple of people I would make. Honestly, I hadn’t done it because I have to whip the eggs until completely frothy and it seems to take forever to do that. Plus I want to make more cheese crackers.

I may have to wait until I get home from picking up the boys so I don’t leave with the bread in the oven though! So I am going to try to get that done today, no guarantees!

Y’all have a great Monday!!!

10 thoughts on “Stuff to do on a Monday off

  1. I had to fenagle (not sure this is a word) for my renewed gym membership which came out to like $10 a month. This is my third year there. Getting rid of more stuff in the shed. Walk with pug this morning. May do dumbell exercises. New resume with new experience and new contacts updated. Papers updated along with new curriculum. Feeling good, also. Getting rid of the old and ready for the new year.

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    1. Yay! I read your cleaning post. It’s such a good feeling!
      This is my 2nd year at the gym. I had it for $40 a month for the membership and $45 a month for karate. Comes out to less than sending him to a regular karate school here!

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  2. I keep finding stuff to do instead of writing which I promised myself I was going to work on some things. I will eventually get there! My husband was telling me about a nurse today at the VA mentioning she was on a keto zero vs. keto. I believe we also follow keto zero.

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  3. Sounds like a productive day of chores 😉 and young adults should be able to walk home or anywhere else in groups as long as its not on a freeway and someone has a fully charged phone for emergencies.

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  4. Aww!! I totally see why your son’s friends love you, you definitely are a cool mom!! & that’s so nice of you to do your mom’s laundry for her. ♡ I would so use paper & plastic everything, too, if it weren’t so bad for the Earth!

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