Easy day

I took Styled to get her hair and nails done and got my polish changed too. I am ready for Christmas and New Years with this color.

I came home to having 3 other kids here. That’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! He wanted 7, he got 3. And they are all staying over. Even the girl. Before you guys have a fit, I told my son that she has to sleep in my room if she stays and they were okay with that. I’m surprised she didn’t just say she would go home instead though. She must really want to hang out with the boys!

I had a nice long conversation with my friend in Latvia. You guys may know her. LatvianMom. She’s so sweet! She even taught me how to say “I’ve had enough” in Latvian! She also sent me a video she made of a deer in the snow outside her home. I am so jealous!!! I love WhatsApp, it lets me chat with friends all over the world for free.

I didn’t do anything else today. Well, I tried to take a photo of the moon but it’s kind of blurry. Is it really going to be a full moon on Christmas?

Just ate some lasagna for dinner and now going to watch a little Netflix. I am hoping I get out tomorrow to exercise. I am listening to my body today though as the middle of my back has been screaming at me for a few days so I am resting.

Y’all have a great Friday night!

10 thoughts on “Easy day

  1. With that sparkly nail polish you are indeed ready for Santa. Yes, I love Whatsapp as it lets me chat and message people all over the world. It is a heavily popular app here too. I do have some Americans who prefer messenger on FB. I do not like it so much as not everyone uses it. You have a good Christmas and rest up ok.

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