My Saturday

The only thing I did yesterday was clean and reorganize my bedroom. I’ve been putting it off for months so I really needed to do it and what better time than yesterday?

Can you believe it? I actually took before pictures this time too!!!

It took a while and my bed was completely covered with everything for a a couple of hours but I did it! I went through and found my dads stuff and listened to tapes he made. Most of them were work tapes he made but is not on but one had him singing on it. I wish I knew when he made it. I cried. I made a box of his stuff and put it away.

I went through and got rid of a lot of jewelry that I never wear and put the rest into a real jewelry box instead of this bag.

As you may have seen above, my movies and music was all messed up in the box because my son and his friends took the box and don’t seem to know how to put them back. I even numbered them to make it easy and the music is alphabetical so why is it so hard to put back??? That took me 45 minutes to fix.

Here’s the after photos. I feel good today.

This morning I went to the grocery store and got drinks but not much food. We were out of eggs and cheese so that’s all the food I got. I had to get my mother her Dr. Pepper, my son his chocolate milk and water, and me enough Bang to get me through next week.

I then went to my friends house at my old condo neighborhood and we exchanged presents. She gave me a new lip color and a homemade ornament. I have her the American Horror Story key chain and that little creepy girl. The lip color actually looks nice!

So now I am back home and I am chatting with BFF before I decide to cook something (not sure what I’m making yet though). Y’all have a great day and chat later!

18 thoughts on “My Saturday

  1. Good for you. I deal with my anxiety by cleaning, so I have finished off two hall closets this holiday and feel ready to attack the New Year! I try to stay away from baking as this past way of dealing with anxiety led to opening a cupcakerie and I don’t want to do this again. Following keto and staying light on my toes like Ali is enough for me!

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      1. Yes, when I left New York City years ago and lived with my family while getting relocated…my mom was very happy to have me around. I haven’t changed. Still the same. Cleaning is cathartic for me.

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  2. I’m always the movie put away-er. And the new toilet paper put on-er. And just about all the other “er” duties. Recently when I had my back spasms I didn’t do some of my usual clean ups and boy did it show. Doesn’t take long for things to start looking a mess! Your back better? Mines all better!!! Yay!

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      1. When my back was its worst it hurt worse to sit. Not sure why. I think keeping things flowing is better? My chiropractor told me not to bend over to pick anything up. But what hurt the worst was just sitting at the table and reaching for a glass of water.

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