Day after Christmas shopping day here

And I didn’t do it. You will never guess why though. Nope, no jobs today.

I woke up ready to get dressed and go to the mall to get a few new outfits (including a little black dress for those occasions where one is needed). I spoke with a friend on Instagram before I attempted to get up and it’s probably good I did.

As soon as I sat up, my head swam and I fell back into bed. I tried again only more slowly. Same thing. Eyes shut made it worse. It was the most awful thing. Some people call it dizziness, some call it vertigo, I say I either have an inner ear infection or anemia from being female at that time of the month.

Crazy thing…I had a bit of sugar (in the form of a chocolate mint), waited 20 minutes, and was able to get up with minimal dizziness. So I did my bathroom stuff and came back to bed. Why I laid down again, I just don’t know. About an hour later, I was back to the same level as when I woke up. So I had another chocolate, waited, and got up. I ordered pizza for lunch for us today because I seriously did not want to attempt stairs with how I felt.

A personal pan pizza with beef, sausage, and bacon. I am not a fan of every topping on the meat lovers, I just wanted these. I ate on this throughout the day to get protein in me without having to go make myself food. Funny thing is, around 6pm tonight I felt pretty decent. Now it’s 10 and I’m back to getting dizzy. The crappy part is that I have to work at 10am tomorrow.

I have to work so does anyone have a suggestion of what will keep me okay to drive? My blood pressure is normal (115/79) and my temperature is normal (98.3). I mean, I put more chocolates by my bed for in the morning but that’s not a good solution to me since I am trying to stay away from that stuff. Google says protein and half a glass of juice or soda (full calorie ones) but guess what? The only soda I have is sugar free and we don’t have juice.

I watched all of the episodes of Wanted today. I had nothing else to do while stuck in bed. I tried to nap but like usual could not. So those just ended and I’m going to sleep. I hope you guys will fill my inbox with suggestions for me. I will try anything to make sure I can work!

Chat later!

10 thoughts on “Day after Christmas shopping day here

  1. It sucks being a woman! I have had these issues before as well and my doc prescribed me some pills that aids with Vertigo. She also advised me to stop drinking so much diet soda. (yeah right) but at the time i gave it a try and was soda free for a few weeks and it finally went away. But it is important to stay hydrated though so try and do that as much as possible without going to sugar crazy. I hope you feel better friend! Good night!!


  2. I hope you feel better. We went this morning to the VA and they have a wonderful walking area. We were there to pick up something for my husband. I have gone for appt. and walk alone but this time we walked together. It was nice. I went through the women’s waiting room at the VA to use the restroom. Lots o unhappy faces. Staying healthy is so important. Take care of yourself and drink water and rest. Even going for yearly check ups is stressful for everyone.

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  3. Oh my gosh, I remember having vertigo and it was the worst. I don’t know if that’s what you had but I hope it went away! If it didn’t, there are a lot of exercises on YouTube that could help move the crystal in your ear canal out faster!

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