December Loot Crate arrived!

It is such a big box! I can’t wait!

It must have a ton of stuff in there although it is very light. Let’s open it!

Wow, that’s it? Really? Such a big box and it’s not full? I think I prefer the smaller boxes that are stuffed. But look, how cool! You can build Bumblebee!

When did Bumblebee become a yellow Herbie? A Volkswagon Beetle? Huh??? Okay then. 😳

Another Dungeons and Dragons t-shirt. Definitely different from the last one from 2016. I loved that shirt. It was a XXL though so it got donated when I lost the weight. Here’s a Google stock photo of the first shirt they came out with and then here’s the new one. I played D&D as a teen and I guess it’s still a thing?

Another Fallout toy. I don’t know anything about Fallout but a ton of people must like it for it to have been in at least 3 crates this year!

Okay, this is cool! Pins from the new Transformers movie!!! I like these! I am putting them with my loot pin collection.

Hmm, this must be a movie photo or something (it has a cardboard back) but I have no interest in it. I don’t even think I saw this movie. there was a card saying they did not have the eyepatch and that it will be shipped in next months Loot Crate. I don’t really need an eyepatch but hopefully it has a design or something cool on it.

And of course the loot pin. Now this is cool! I love the original AND the new Lost In Space!

To me, a disappointing box for December. Since I just renewed my subscription for the next year, I hope the 2019 boxes will be better! If not, I will not continue it after this year. And that would be sad. My son didn’t even want any of this stuff which is not normal so it’s obvious that this box was not as good as past ones.

5 thoughts on “December Loot Crate arrived!

  1. My dad is a huge Transformers fan. I don’t remember Bumblebee looking like that but still cool that they included it!! I love all the pins & even though it was the same game, at least they switched the design for the t-shirt.

    So excited that you renewed your sub! Can’t wait to see what you get in your 2019 boxes! 😄

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