Good day

So. I finally figured out what to use a tiny bit of my Christmas gift card on other than the 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants that I got. I went to a store that my friend suggested and got a vape machine. Nothing like I expected as I haven’t vaped in years.

So I couldn’t even figure out how to turn it on and off, I had to ask my friend. $44 got me a machine and 2 cartridges. I got menthol because that’s what I smoked, and strawberry because it actually tasted pretty good (they let me try all the flavors at the store). A cartridge is supposed to last a week so that’s good too.

They had all different colors but I chose black so it doesn’t stand out so much. They even make stickers for it! I tried it and it works well. I got the highest nicotine level which is only 6mg (a Camel cigarette has about 26 according to google). I will not smoke. I do not want to stink like cigarettes ever again. Let’s see how this goes!

10 thoughts on “Good day

  1. The friend of mine switched to this and he said – cigarettes never again. After party, he felt terrible because of cigarettes smoked in the previous night, but this one – no problem. Also, can smoke inside.

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  2. It took me some time.. especially with having someone around who smokes. I craved and it was hard for me to say no. During the first two weeks… I had a total of five cigarettes. Each one tasted worse and worse. The last one I couldn’t even finish! I haven’t touched one since. I still have times when I would like one, or I feel that I need one… but I just remember how bad they taste to me now and how well I am doing now and it keeps me on track. You will get there!

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